2017 Crisis Updates


5:09 PM

We hoped for the best- that the damages would avoid people and that your help could be used towards building resilience- making communities less vulnerable in disaster prone areas.

For the most part, this is what we got. And we’re so thankful.

3:12 PM

Thank you for keeping Oaxaca and Northern Haiti in your prayers, and thank you for showing up and giving. We’ll be posting one more update later today with the latest information from our directors in Haiti, Mexico, and the U.S.A.


3:41 PM

Communication remains limited with the rural areas of Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Northern Haiti. Road transportation is also a challenge. 

 1:17 PM

Cholera outbreaks, lack of access to food, power outages will be significant concerns as Irma’s damage in Haiti is assessed.

12:20 PM

Hurricane Irma to Test the Readiness of the World’s Poorest Communities (ReliefWeb)

11:43 AM

Oaxaca – No significant damage from the earthquake among the communities we serve. They got a scare, and power and phone were down for a while but have since been restored. He will inform us as he continues to get news. Rain and flooding have been a bigger issue.

Haiti – Minor damage to some of the homes and farms of people in Acul du Nord.

11:27 AM

Mexico Country Director Luis Castellanos makes contact with Plant With Purpose USA. All staff reported safe, power outages ongoing. Sunny weather encouraging as Hurricane Katia approaches.

8:17 AM

Mexico earthquake kills at least 32 and sparks mass evacuations (The Guardian)