Gifts of Hope: A Clutch of Chicks

Written by Plant With Purpose on November 20, 2014 in Gifts of Hope

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This Christmas season we are hopeful for continued growth and transformation in the lives of partnering farming families around the world. In this series, we explore unique gift ideas from our Gifts of Hope online catalog. These life-changing stories are a result of your support. We invite you to give a Gift of Hope this year and change a life.

Two tangible challenges to poverty are the lack of food and money. Improving nutrition and income are inseparable concepts in poor, rural communities. Raising chickens creates a source of nutrition and income for farming families in Plant With Purpose partnering communities. A clutch of chicks provides families with eggs, meat, and increased finances from selling excess eggs. Investing in chickens is a gift that keeps on giving for farming families.


Godofredo López is a farmer in Llano de la Canoa, Mexico. He raises chickens on his family farm and his children help him in this project. Now—instead of spending money on eggs—the López family is able to find protein from their own chickens and sell surplus eggs for income. The additional income means school fees and medical costs are covered.

Something as simple as raising chickens helps to change the lives of farmers in poor, rural communities. Godofredo offers encouragement from his experience: “They say that the poor are condemned to be poor, and that’s not the case. There are people with the same limitations and they overcome them.” Chickens are making it possible for farmers like Godofredo to overcome their limitations on food and money.

A clutch of five chicks is a Gift of Hope to rise above challenging situations. This season we give thanks for gifts that continue to bless farming families by improving nutrition and income. Give a one-time gift of a clutch of five chicks that will benefit a family for seasons to come.

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