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Written by Plant With Purpose on November 13, 2014 in General, Gifts of Hope

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Investing in a child’s future, providing resources for a family garden, and planting trees are gifts of hope with the potential to change the future for families in need. Before partnering with Plant With Purpose, Ndakazi and his family lived in fear of starvation. Hunger is no stranger to those living in Burundi. It is currently the hungriest country in the world with 73.4 percent of its population undernourished. Through partnership with Plant With Purpose, Dismas began planting trees and was able to feed his goats and sheep as well as provide fruit for his children. By participating in agriculture trainings and a community-based saving group, Dismas has seen his family’s diet improve tremendously. He’s also established a small business and is working to purchase a cow. You see resources like a few seeds and a little training can change the future of families around the world.
This Christmas, you can help families like the Ndakazis change their circumstances. Plant With Purpose’s online gift catalog provides the opportunity to purchase Gifts of Hope for those in need on behalf of someone you love!

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Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing stories of transformation that Plant With Purpose’s Gifts of Hope provide for families in need. In the meantime, meander over to our online gift catalog and discover what gifts are perfect for those on your shopping list.

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