A Year of Impact: Mexico

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 4, 2015 in Annual Report


Have you seen Plant With Purpose’s latest Annual Report? Filled with stories of impact, updates on program growth, and in-country accomplishments, the report shares highlights from fiscal year 2014. We will be sharing country achievements over the next couple of weeks starting with Mexico!



Director, Misión Integral



Volunteer promoters assist the Plant With Purpose staff by helping partnering communities address health and sanitation concerns through building water cisterns, fuel-efficient stoves, and ecological latrines. Each of these improved technologies restores the environment and the community’s health. Since the Mexico program launched, Plant With Purpose has equipped communities and families to construct 221 large-capacity cisterns, 385 highly effective wood-saving stoves, and 557 ecological latrines.

Plant With Purpose staff member Jorge shares, “We are planning to attack the problem [of water shortage] at the root. Otherwise, there will be drought problems over and over again. … It’s a long-term project and will take years. The focus is on the future.”

To further improve their land, partnering farmers are adopting a higher number of sustainable farming techniques than nonparticipating households. Compost, cover crops, and tree integration all contribute to improved soil quality and crop production. According to the 2014 Impact Evaluation, partnering households have 70 percent greater crop diversity than nonparticipants. This means better nutrition for families and greater biodiversity to aid in watershed health.


Eleazar Pacheco Hernández from Monte Flor, Mexico shares, “The garden has helped our nutrition; we are eating more vegetables now, whereas before we didn’t eat any. We also have meat and eggs to eat thanks to our chickens.”



Through numerous festivals and workshops, Plant With Purpose invests in the spiritual lives of partnering families. In La Paz, Mexico, Martha Garcia Contretras shares, “There is greater reconciliation among community members. The values that [Plant With Purpose] has instilled in our kids are unlike anything they’re learning in school. They are seeing things in new ways. The participation of the community is incredible to see.” Churches are leading the way in creation care projects, including community recycling programs and reforestation efforts.

The complete 2014 Annual Report is available online.

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