Fall Sower:
Spiritual Renewal Brings Transformation

Written by Plant With Purpose on September 17, 2015 in General, Sower

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Director’s Corner

By Scott Sabin, Executive Director 



One of Plant With Purpose’s central goals is to provide lasting solutions to poverty.

When we encountered families with hungry children, we realized that it was not enough to provide them with meals. These meals would only satisfy them for a day. So we set out to provide long-term solutions to hunger by addressing the health and productivity of the land and the economic opportunities for those living on it.

Plant With Purpose’s desire is to provide those in poverty the means to have bread and water. As life-giving as crops and clean water are, they are not the best we have to give. It would be a shame if we only offered water that leaves people thirsty when it is in our power to offer the Water of Life.

Read about Plant With Purpose’s desire to offer something deeper through spiritual renewal.


The Gospel Lived Out

Spiritual Renewal Brings Holistic Transformation

By Becky Rosaler with Annelise Jolley

Lucas Frías de Los Santos held tightly to his belief that God was dead, a belief amplified by difficult life circumstances. His small village of Maizal, Dominican Republic is remote with few community commodities. It was a struggle to make a life for his wife and children. His farm did not produce enough to feed his large family, he had no way to save money, and his community was divided. Even if God was alive, Lucas thought, He certainly was not doing His job.

Ghandi famously said, “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” Such was the case for Lucas, who lacked food, economic opportunity, and hope. But in partnership with Plant With Purpose, God appeared to Lucas in the form of tangible resources like seeds and access to loans. Though most farmers in Maizal don’t make much money, they are seeing their resources multiply through wise stewardship. “We have learned that what little we earn, we must save,” he says. “It is the most important thing I have participated in,” Lucas shares.

Poverty is both physical and spiritual. The condition of poverty surfaces as hungry stomachs, no place to call home, and limited options. Day to day survival leads to quick fixes, handouts, and band-aids. Spiritual poverty speaks of inadequacies, despair, and an inability to dream. The poverty trap keeps people down, with long-term solutions seemingly impossible to find.

Read how Plant With Purpose is working toward holistic transformation where both physical and spiritual poverty are addressed.


Program Launch
in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) faces extreme poverty and environmental degradation. This summer Plant With Purpose signed papers to officially begin a two-year pilot program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Within these two years, we aim to identify areas of environmental restoration needs within the Kakumba Watershed, located on the northwest edge of Lake Tanganyika. Plant With Purpose’s new program in South Kivu will offer reconciliation and hope to communities, while restoring and preserving the wildlife and the diverse habitat located within the watershed.

Plant With Purpose DRC’s staff (pictured) is being led by program manager Birori (far left). Birori received a bachelor’s degree in biology and spent five years as a planning and evaluation specialist for an organization in South Kivu. Birori is incredibly enthusiastic, driven, and loves the challenge of building Plant With Purpose DRC from the ground up.

Read more about the launch of Plant With Purpose’s seventh program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Village Spotlight: Fonds-Verrettes


The remote community of Fonds-Verrettes is high in the hills of Haiti on the border of the Dominican Republic. Haiti lacks country infrastructure—primarily roads—making the 25-mile trek to Fonds-Verrettes challenging and a deterrent to government officials. Little to nothing has been done by the government to aid in the area’s development. Without government support, the people of Fonds-Verrettes are essentially left to sustain themselves in an increasingly deforested area.

Since Plant With Purpose started partnering with Fonds-Verrettes, the community has been empowered to take on their own infrastructural improvements and enact transformational change.

Read more about how VSLAs are create opportunity for women in Fond-Verrettes. To support a community like Fond-Verrettes, visit our Sponsor A Village page of the website.


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