Winter Sower: Roots Run Deep

Written by Plant With Purpose on November 24, 2015 in General, Sower

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Director’s Corner

By Scott Sabin, Executive Director 


Plant With Purpose is best known for reforestation and watershed restoration yet these activities are only a portion of what we do.

We partner with hundreds of local churches and faith leaders to share God’s love with impoverished and disempowered communities but that too is only a piece of the whole.

We utilize savings-led community groups and agricultural assistance as tools of economic development. Although we have seen tremendous growth in this area, poverty alleviation is not done in isolation either.

People often ask which of these three areas—environmental, economic, or spiritual—is the heart of Plant With Purpose’s work. The answer is all of them. Our Venn diagram represents the integrated nature of Plant With Purpose’s program. While each is important in its own right, and each could be the entire work of an organization, we have seen that when combined something truly special occurs.

Read how Plant With Purpose’s is discovering that as the three elements of our program are integrated, we are repeatedly finding that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Roots Run Deep:

Stability During Times of Uncertainty

By Becky Rosaler, Marketing and Events

Plant With Purpose’s roots have pushed past barriers of growth to establish a strong and vibrant program that is changing the future for more than 25,000 families in seven developing countries. A program that integrates environmental restoration, economic opportunity, and spiritual renewal is transforming lives and land in some of the most impoverished and environmentally degraded places in the world. This stability reaches to the individual level as families live through times of uncertainty yet choose to hold onto hope.

For the rural poor, the challenges of everyday life cause parents to feel stuck, struggling to make stability a reality. They desire to create a healthy and secure future for their children. Many of these families rely on agriculture as their main source of food and income yet their land produces less and less over time as the soil is depleted. The weight of this burden crosses all aspects of life chipping away at dignity, self-worth, and building walls in personal relationships with the Lord.

Read how Plant With Purpose is establishing hope and building strong foundations for families during uncertain times.


Gifts of Hope


This Christmas, help families improve their circumstances. Plant With Purpose’s online gift catalog provides the opportunity to purchase Gifts of Hope for those in need on behalf of someone you love!

  • Give Nutrition to a Family: $10 for a Clutch of 5 Chicks
  • Give Hope for Tomorrow: $25 to Plant a Hillside
  • Give Economic Opportunity: $50 for Community-Based Savings Groups
  • Give Spiritual Renewal: $50 Church-Led Discipleship
  • Give Economic Opportunity: $75 to Support a Female Farmer
  • Give Economic Opportunity: $175 to Invest in a Child’s Future

Shop Plant With Purpose’s online Gifts of Hope catalog.


Village Spotlight: Llano de la Canoa, Mexico

By Kirstie Hibbard, Outreach Coordinator



Farming families in Llano de la Canoa, Mexico struggled to cultivate their barren hillsides marked by drought. Inefficient farming and irrigation techniques left people hungry and lacking hope that their land would provide for future generations. But the plot is shifting in the story of Llano de Canoa. In partnership with Plant With Purpose, the community is restoring their land, securing access to water, and creating hope for a better future. Individual initiative is fueling widespread change throughout the entire community.

Bulmaro Lazaro Gomez, a carpenter since his youth, scraped by selling wooden furniture and harvesting just enough vegetables to sustain his family. Three years ago, Bulmaro recognized the potential to better provide for his family by partnering with Plant With Purpose. After attending an agricultural training and incorporating new gardening practices, Bulmaro’s farm began producing an abundance of vegetables. His family now enjoys radishes, cilantro, zucchini, green beans, and cucumbers.

Read more about how village sponsorship is changing the community of Llano de la Canoa. To support a community like Llano de la Canoa, visit our Sponsor A Village page of the website.


Breaking News


Catch a Vision

Make a Vision Trip part of your 2016 travel plans and see the life-changing work of Plant With Purpose in person.

  • Thailand: February 21-27
  • Dominican Republic: February 22-26, July 24-29
  • Tanzania: May 9-15, September 2-10
  • Mexico: May 16-20
  • Haiti: July 25-29, October 17-22

Chris Mark from Mission Lutheran Church visited the Dominican Republic in July and shares:

“What amazes me most is how Plant With Purpose empowers people. They are not giving free handouts but useful, life-long techniques and tools to save money, farm, and most importantly worship God. Being from a business background, it is great to see people pursuing their business dreams and Plant With Purpose helping council along the way.”

“The people we met are much smarter, intuitive, and resourceful than I ever would have imagined. Seeing the impact of Plant With Purpose in person is life changing.”

Giving Tuesday

Following the frenzy of Black Friday, Small-business Saturday, and Cyber Monday comes #GivingTuesday. Plant With Purpose is partnering with Leichtag Ranch for a morning of giving back. Join us December 1 on the farm in Encinitas. If you can’t join us in the garden, consider giving a garden to a partnering family. Additional details can be found here.

You Shop, Amazon Gives

Are you planning on doing your Christmas shopping on Amazon? Be sure to shop on Amazon Smile—Amazon’s service for the conscious buyer. A small percentage of your purchase will be donated to the nonprofit of your choice—including Plant With Purpose.

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