7,500 Trees for Earth Month

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 28, 2015 in Root 7



Thank you for realizing the value of trees! You gave over $6,500 during Earth Month to plant 6,500 trees around the world. And since the launch of Root 7, you’ve committed to giving over $1,000 monthly toward tree planting efforts.

Trees function as the earth’s lungs, recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen. They provide shade to cool everything beneath them. Trees transpire water into the atmosphere and their roots help water seep into the soil, refilling underground water sources. On top of this, they provide habitat, food, fodder, and fuel.

Keep reading to hear the value that partnering farmers have found in trees!


Claudette from Burundi:

“Our region is seriously threatened by drought and this is largely due to the lack of tree planting. Plant With Purpose has helped our association in tree planting. Personally, I have planted over 100 agroforestry trees and 30 fruit trees. I would ask every person in Giharo (city in Burundi) to do the same so we can prevent drought in our region.”


Antonio from Dominican Republic:

“Previously, the agriculture community practiced slash-and-burn but after our partnership with Plant With Purpose there is a huge change because the community has left this practice and is more motivated to plant fruit trees, timber, and coffee.”


Matelhomme from Haiti:

“I know how to make rock and living [soil] barriers, A-frames, [fruit tree] grafts, compost, cuttings, and to plant tree nursery seedlings. My farm is protected against erosion. I plant about 100 trees every year. … Now, I am getting more crops even in bad seasons. The trees planted are both protection for my farm and also a long-term investment for my family.”


Fabiola from Mexico:

“Trees have been planted where there has been fire or [in areas in need of environmental] restoration … . It is good to do environmental care projects because it benefits us. It is necessary we organize ourselves to reforest more where needed. We must continue to plant trees for the benefit of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”


Amalia from Tanzania:

“Through tree planting, we can get food for livestock, fruits like avocados and passion fruit, firewood, soil improvement through agroforest and good air condition … .”


Nuch from Thailand:

“In my village, we don’t have a lot of space but we plant trees together … . They help provide shade, good air, and also food.”


Thank you for planting trees this Earth Month and equipping farming families to restore their land!

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