A Woman Is … a Provider

Written by Plant With Purpose on July 19, 2016 in A Woman Is, General


By Regina Gutierrez


The heart of a woman is universal. A supporter who visited Plant With Purpose’s program in Haiti once shared, “It was amazing to hear the women pray. They were praying for the same things I pray for at home: for her children to be safe, to make wise decisions, to do well in school. Despite living in different countries, we’re not so different after all.”

Today we continue a series called, “A Woman Is…” focusing on the character qualities that women around the world exhibit. Plant With Purpose’s program is empowering women to invest in their families, communities, and countries. Read on to see how Eloída is a provider in Mexico.

Women around the world provide for their families and for those who surround them. They provide unconditional love, smiles, laughter, motivation, and courage. Women equip their loved ones with the tools necessary for success.

For women in Mexico, however, it takes extra effort to support family members and provide them with comfortable lifestyles. Rural Mexico is mostly populated by indigenous populations who suffer from poverty rates higher than the national average. Language barriers, limited transportation, corruption, crime, and economic isolation challenge women living in rural areas and confines them and their children into living inadequate lives where survival is the main purpose toward which effort is directed.


Eloída and three of her children

Plant With Purpose partner Eloída López is a mother of three and is providing her children and husband the resources necessary to thrive in rural Mexico. Since partnering with Plant With Purpose, Eloída is becoming more involved in her community. She is planted and is cultivating a family garden resulting in the production of nutritious vegetables for her family and community—vegetables such as corn, beans, squash, peas, and many more. She also participates in an innovative basket-and-bag making group as well as her local savings-and-loan group, both allowing her to generate additional income for her family, invest in her future, and foster better relationships with her neighbors.

By equipping women like Eloída with the necessary instruments to create a sustainable future, rural communities in Mexico are lifting themselves out of extreme poverty. With the support of Plant With Purpose, Eloída is empowered to follow her dreams and take the initiative to reach her full potential through community involvement. Her purpose in life has shifted and she now understands her place in the world and the positive impact she is able to create around her.

Women provide the world with life and sustain those who rely on them. Eloída López is a provider of love, hope, and inspiration. She is an exemplary woman that reflects resilience and determination. Though life is full of adversity and women are often discouraged and underestimated by their peers, we are continuously illuminated with examples of how women are providing the safety nets that make us feel secure and believe in a better tomorrow.

When feelings of hopelessness surround you, let Eloida be a reminder that it is possible to overcome that which seems impossible.

Participation in Plant With Purpose’s program is attractive to women. Savings-and-loan groups offer community. Farmer Field Schools are improving family farms often cultivated by women. Bible studies foster connections. In fact, 67 percent of program participants are women.

Learn more about why it is so important to invest in women and girls in this article and make a donation to Support a Female Farmer today.

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