A Year of Impact: Dominican Republic

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 25, 2015 in Annual Report


Have you seen Plant With Purpose’s latest Annual Report? Filled with stories of impact, updates on program growth, and in-country accomplishments, the report shares highlights from fiscal year 2014. We will be sharing country achievements over the next couple of weeks continuing today with the Dominican Republic!



Director, Floresta Incorporada



In the Dominican Republic, Plant With Purpose is creating a culture of saving: 100 percent of partnering households are active VSLA members (2014 Impact Evaluation). In 2011, five percent of participating households had enough emergency cash reserves for six months. That number has grown to 18.2 percent in the last 3 years (2014 Impact Evaluation).

JiménezAlejandro Castillo Jiménez in Loma Verde is experiencing the freedom that comes from saving. He shares, “Economically, the implementation of savings groups (VSLAs) has been a blessing because we have learned to save and we get our loans cheaper compared to lenders. With loans from the group, I’m building a house. I have also invested in my furniture business and in selling fish. Through these activities I can generate enough income to meet basic needs for food, health, and education for my family.”

His savings-and-loan group is having a positive impact on his relationship with the Lord. “Through [Plant With Purpose], I have strengthened my devotion to God, because the savings group reads the Bible, prays, and reflects on the message. This has impacted my spiritual life, and now the community is more united and harmonious. I thank God for everything He has given me.”



Plant With Purpose strategically partnered with 50 churches in 2014, encouraging them to invest in their communities and show God’s love in practical ways. Adult literacy groups, Christian value seminars, and Bible studies exposed community members to the Gospel. Pastor Julian from Hormigo shares, “We are more than grateful because there are institutions such as [Plant With Purpose]. We ask God to allow this organization to remain in Hormigo, giving us this wonderful support that contributes to the economic, social, and spiritual growth of individuals in our community.”

The complete 2014 Annual Report is available online.

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