Earth-altering Acts of Hope and Faith

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 22, 2015 in Root 7


There’s an expression you’ll hear on the trails of our national parks: Leave No Trace. Often abbreviated to LNT, this directive pops up on trail markers, campsites, and maps. It urges hikers to tread lightly on the earth and leave no trace of their presence.

The expression is a good one, but it doesn’t quite do justice to our role as stewards. Robert Baden-Powell, father of the Boy Scout movement, took it one step further. Today, his words inspire everyone from campers to activists: “Leave this world a little better than you found it.”

Isn’t this what Earth Day is all about? Rather than trying not to make a mark on this planet, we should seek to heal the hurting parts leaving things better than when we came upon them.

Our partners in Tanzania are leaving their little slice of earth better than they found it. We’ve talked about Tanzania’s group competition before on the blog, and these farmers continue to inspire us. Plant With Purpose farmer groups around Mt. Kilimanjaro are saturating their land with new life. Last year alone, they planted over a million trees and established 134 tree nurseries. Rather than leaving no trace of their presence, these partnering families are transforming and renewing the land on which they depend for sustenance and income.


The “MKISINGA” group celebrate winning the 2014 Group Competition. They scored the highest in competition criteria including: tree planting, tree nursery establishment, contouring, composting, and VSLA record keeping.


The trees they are putting in the ground are small, just seedlings. Most of the farmers won’t live to see their trees reach full potential making their reforestation efforts an act of faith. They choose to be stewards and leave the earth a better place for their children.

In this, Tanzanians are choosing to hope in a better tomorrow. Hope is just that, a choice. And it requires trust that God will fulfill His promises. Much like the parable of the talents, God is honoring and multiplying the faithful investment of these farmers. The small seedlings they plant today will grow into sources of food and income, while bringing healing to their land.

We are endlessly inspired by our Tanzanian friends’ earth-altering acts of hope and faith as they reforest their land. Today we join them in celebrating the gift of this earth and embracing our responsibility to leave it better than we found it.

Happy Earth Day!

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