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Written by Plant With Purpose on July 1, 2016 in General, Prayer Letter



Transformation is often a slow, long process that takes discipline and diligence to move from one position to the next. At Plant With Purpose, we know that transformation is not possible without God.

In The Message Eugene Peterson sums up Colossians 1:11-13 by saying:

As you learn more and more how God works, you will learn how to do your work. We pray that you’ll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul—not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory-strength God gives. It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, thanking the Father who makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for us.

July marks the beginning of a new planning year. Program goals are reset and the long haul of impacting even more families lies ahead for each field program. Strength drawn from the Lord allows us to do his work.

Would you pray for endurance and that transformation would continue to take root for the 28,000 families partnering with Plant With Purpose? On the first Friday of the month, the international community of Plant With Purpose staff, supporters, and donors pause to lift up praises and prayer requests from around the world. Join us.

*Pictured above is Plant With Purpose Burundi’s country director Noé engaging with a local community.



We praise God for:

  • The security and peace that is slowly coming back throughout Burundi.
  • Program officer Jared White’s visit to Burundi in June. We visited program watersheds and celebrated participant’s achievements. Praise the Lord for Jared’s safe return to his family. We praise God almighty that we can once again receive visitors and host them without problems.
  • His protection of two staff members, Gerard and Claude, who were involved in motorcycle accident two weeks ago. Please pray for their healing. We are grateful their lives were not in danger.

We pray for:

  • More peace and security in Burundi. There is still some violence and a number of Burundians continue to seek refuge outside of the country.
  • Our board of directors to establish a new general assembly and bring on additional board members. Please pray as they address related issues.
  • Our staff member Emmanuel who lost his mother to illness. Please pray that God comforts and strengthens his family.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

We praise God for

  • Peace and security in the Kakumba watershed.
  • The health of our staff.
  • The various training opportunities for partnering families which have been received with great enthusiasm and interest.
  • The fruit trees in the nursery that are germinating.
  • Great participation in the World Environment Day activities planned in collaboration with the local government.
  • Effective collaboration with the communities of the Kakumba watershed.

We pray for:

  • Plant With Purpose programs in different countries.
  • The program activities planned for our second year of work in the Kakumba watershed.
  • The marriage of Felix Kiruhura, our environment technician, as the wedding took place on June 25.
  • The completion of annual and fourth quarter reporting.


Dominican Republic

We praise God for:

  • Allowing us to accomplish all of our goals set out in the 2016 Operation Plan.

We pray for:

  • A positive response and acceptance of the program in the community of Mayor de Ley in Villa Altagracia.
  • The formation of new Bible study groups in the community of Ensenada de la Cuecna in Ozama.
  • Sufficient rain for farmers to have good results on their farms especially during this time of drought.



We praise God for:

  • The new community partnership with Menget. We join with the staff in the Acul region in glorifying God in this partnership. Community members showed much enthusiasm for the training.
  • Our staff, joined with God’s knowledge and courage, surpassed the program targets for the 2016 planning year.
  • Jean Marie Desilus’ wife, our field director, whose surgery went smoothly. We praise God that the cancer was detected and stopped before it became life threatening.
  • The five-day public evangelic outreach in Cornillon organized by our church partners. The theme of the event was “Unity in the Churches” and focused on Acts 4:32.
  • Our cook in Fonds-Verrettes, Mrs. Paulette’s successful surgery in the Dominican Republic. The only solution the Haitian doctors at the main hospital in Port-au-Prince offered was amputation. Praise the Lord that Mrs. Paulette was able to travel to the Dominican Republic and receive surgery to keep her leg. Please continue praying for her recovery.

We pray for:

  • Gesner Damier, our technician, and his wife who is pregnant following several miscarriages. Please pray that God could give them the gift of a baby.
  • God to continue giving knowledge, energy, and wisdom to the staff in accomplishing program targets in the upcoming fiscal year.
  • The static political situation in Haiti where there is still confusion at the end of a provisory president who failed his mission to complete a very long and exhaustive electoral process to elect a president, mayors, and parliament members. Today, any Haitian could say who is president.



We praise God for:

  • The rains that have fallen and are blessing the land, crops, reforestation efforts, and communities.
  • Reaching our annual goal of new and strengthened savings-and-loan groups, which tripled from previous years. Praise God for the joyful efforts made by the team in this area of program focus.
  • The farmer field schools who tested out different methods of planting corn during the planting season.
  • The protection of Country Director Luis Alberto Castellanos during his travel to Washington. Please pray that blessings will come from his time with donors and supporters.

We pray for:

  • The trade union situation in Chiapas and Oaxaca regarding education reform. It is affecting the entire population and the school year has been suspended. Please pray for peace and reconciliation and a resolution to this conflict.
  • Tyler Overton’s research trip to Oaxaca. Please pray that the God will keep him safe and that his work will be a blessing to Plant With Purpose and partnering communities.
  • The plans to graduate communities by the end of this year. Please also pray for the start of the new planning year and that the Lord will continue to guide us. Please pray that everything we do will glorify His name.
  • The health and strength of the promoter team. They are a blessing and their leadership is essential to the growth of partnering communities.



We praise God for:

  • The donors who visited Tanzania last month. We give thanks for their safe travel and support.
  • His protection and guidance as we wind up our last quarter of 2016 planning year.
  • The new staff members. Pray for this time of orientation and for them to quickly grasp the details of the program and their roles.

We pray for:

  • All our donors. May God continue to bless them abundantly as they continue to support Plant With Purpose programs and our local communities.
  • The health of all our staff. May God protect each one’s health—heal all diseases and weaknesses—so that we are strong enough to support partnering communities and help change people’s lives.
  • Partnering communities. May God help them use the knowledge and skills obtained from Plant With Purpose to grow in every dimension: socially, economically, and spiritually.
  • Acceptance as we venture and introduce our programs in new areas.
  • The motor vehicles that we use in our day-to-day field activities. Please pray for our staff’s protection as they travel to visit partnering communities and engage in program activities.
  • Effective completion of the on-going monitoring and evaluation exercise.



We praise God for:

  • A successful six-week training for 10 church leaders from China. Please continue praying for wisdom and that God will open additional opportunities for these church leaders to assist ethnic minorities in their area.
  • The preparation with farmers in environmental restoration activities including agroforestry, soil conservation, and forest and land management. Pray for the implementation of these activities during the rainy season.

We pray for:

  • The alliance of organizations and communities in the Mae Kok watershed in Chiang Rai, as they continue negotiations for forest and land management. The government’s policy is to reclaim land for forest conservation, which may affect communities in mountain and forest areas.
  • The prayer night of the Christian network which will be conducted at our training center on July 8. We are expecting 100 Christian leaders to attend. We will also spend time discussing holistic ministry.
  • The survey exploring a possible pilot project in new watershed areas including Mae Na Wang, Mae Fang, and Upper Mae kok.
  • The Young Leadership Development Program for church leaders from Myanmar taking place July-September. They will be trained on holistic development and ministry.



We praise God for:

  • The launch of Plant With Purpose’s international fellowship program. Please pray for Taylor Pizzuto’s year in the Dominican Republic and Tyler Overton’s time in Mexico.
  • Summer holidays where staff can recharge and spend time with family.

We pray for:

  • The Vision Trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Please pray for special times together and that program participants will be encouraged by these visits.
  • Jared White (Africa program officer) and his wife Doreen as they go through the visa process to move from Uganda to San Diego.
  • God’s provision as Plant With Purpose seeks out new funding opportunities. Please pray for favor and generous hearts as individuals, foundations, and churches learn about Plant With Purpose’s life-changing program especially as the fiscal year concludes.
  • Planning Year 2017 to be a year of impacting even more families as lives and land are transformed through the Plant With Purpose/Floresta family of organizations. We praise God for the opportunity to daily do His work.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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