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Written by Plant With Purpose on November 11, 2015 in Branching Out, General

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Plant With Purpose counts it a privilege to be in the company of some amazing organizations and businesses where doing good is engrained in their DNA. In this blog series, we’ll be “Branching Out” to platform other companies, sharing our collective efforts to eradicate social injustices here in San Diego, across the nation, and around the world.

First up, Giving Cards! Giving Cards is one of Plant With Purpose’s corporate partners. For every card bought through their online platform, a donation is made. By purchasing cards, you can plant trees through Plant With Purpose! How great is that! Check them out and order your Christmas cards today.


What spurred on the idea for Giving Cards?

Since the company’s inception over 20 years ago, our mission has been simple: Bringing value to products and value to people. The idea of “embedding generosity” into our products flows out of this mission and has always intrigued us. Giving Cards has been a great place to begin to play with this concept.

For example, through our partnership with Plant With Purpose, every card provides one tree for reforestation efforts in some of the poorest places in the world. In this simple model, the Christmas cards you were going to send out anyway are now contributing to restoring land and communities across the globe. And we think that’s just awesome.


What has been a recent business success especially in light of local, national, or global injustices?

We have recently added over 500 new designs and the option to upload a photo (check it out) or company logo to the front of your card. These enhancements, combined with strengthening relationships with incredible charity partners like Plant With Purpose, are engaging more people to use more Giving Cards for more occasions. The result is increased good done across the world, from local food banks to international relief efforts. The beauty and success lies in the business model, which takes an ordinary everyday consumer purchase (in this case cards) and turns it into a viable vehicle for good.

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Why do you believe in Plant With Purpose?

We are advocates of the holistic approach that you take to the restoration of the land, people, and communities you serve. Organizations who focus on just one aspect of helping the individual, or helping the environment, run the risk of becoming too narrow in their approach. Regardless of good intentions to help, this myopic approach can lead to unintended negative social or environmental consequences. Plant With Purpose stands out in its ability to consider and positively effect the environment, the economy, and the persons who make up the communities it serves – which seems to us like a recipe for real and lasting transformation.

What design do you see as the best fit for Plant With Purpose supporters?

Of our holiday standouts, “Framed In Trees” and “Wonderful Woodsy Holiday” are good bets for Plant With Purpose supporters. For those interested in cards for business use, our new logo cards have been a huge hit.

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