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Written by Plant With Purpose on February 16, 2016 in Branching Out, General

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Plant With Purpose counts it a privilege to be in the company of some amazing organizations and businesses where doing good is engrained in their DNA. 

Kai Jai Coffee is a specialty, single-origin coffee harvested on a single farm in the mountains of northern Thailand where Plant With Purpose works. Kao Jai in Thai means “to understand”, the business was founded to create opportunities for people to transition from knowing to understanding. Read on to see why we are so excited to have partnered with Kao Jai Coffee. 

How did Kao Jai come about?

Kao Jai’s story began in late 2013 when two co-founders were teaching at a boarding school in the city of Chiang Rai and were given the opportunity to harvest coffee alongside farmers in a nearby village. Being able to see the community, work with the farmers, and understand the process inspired the founders to find a way to better connect coffee farmers in Thailand with coffee lovers here in the states.

Plant With Purpose partnering farmers are no strangers to coffee harvesting. Here is a photo of our coffee “cherries” in the Dominican Republic.


What is special about Kao Jai?

Kao Jai Coffee is single origin. Every single Kao Jai coffee bean has been grown and processed on a small farm in the beautiful Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand. No beans grown outside of this area are used in any of our coffees. The beans are handpicked, hand sorted, naturally washed, and then directly purchased. The families living in the Doi Chang Valley, work day in and day out to provide the highest quality specialty coffee beans without negatively impacting the  environment.

How does buying Kao Jai help?

Kao Jai Coffee’s mission is to help people better understand others and the products we consume. They created the Kao Jai Fund, which uses a portion of the proceeds from every bag of coffee purchased to give financial help to people who want to directly impact communities across the United States by serving others.

And there is more…

Plant With Purpose and Kao Jai Coffee have teamed up to offer an exciting giveaway. Follow along and you could be the recipient of:

A Plant With Purpose Tee

A Plant With Purpose stainless steel Tumbler

A Oaxacan Pine Basket handmade by our partners in Mexico

An 8oz bag of Kao Jai Vienna Dark Roast 

Check out our instagram account @plantwpurpose for details on how to enter and win!

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