Brígida: Planting for Tomorrow
in Rio Garza, Mexico

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 13, 2015 in Plant For Tomorrow


We’re $80,000 away from the goal of $3.5 million for our Plant For Tomorrow campaign. With your help, Plant With Purpose will reach 100,000 new people in 200 new communities while launching programs in Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This campaign will multiply Plant With Purpose’s life-changing work as we seek to restore people’s relationships with the land, one another, and the Lord. Join us in celebrating stories of transformation as we continue to Plant For Tomorrow!


Few economic opportunities exist in the rural community of Rio Garza, Mexico. It is difficult to cultivate crops from the dry hillsides that surround this town. And it is even harder to make enough income to comfortably support a family.

Six years ago Brígida López was a 27-year-old single mother of two struggling to earn enough money to support her family. The little income she made from embroidering napkins never seemed to be enough for her family’s basic living expenses. She worried about her 11-year-old son and her four-year-old daughter. She desperately wanted to provide for them but was unsure of her capabilities to do so.

Today, the desperate situation Brígida’s family was once in is transforming. Brígida actively participates in a Plant With Purpose community-based savings group, which has taught her the importance of saving for the future and collaborating with her neighbors. Through her savings group, Brígida took a loan to buy vegetable seeds. She also purchased livestock—rabbits and chickens—and craft supplies for her small business. She planted the seeds in her yard, growing vegetables that led to more nutritious food for her children, as well as brought in extra income. Brígida expanded her craft business and finds enjoyment and fulfillment in her work.


Through Plant With Purpose’s agricultural training, Brígida also learned how to better care for the environment. Included in this was realizing the value of not littering. Water can be scarce in Rio Garza so she has been implementing conservation practices for this natural resource. Brígida is actively saving money to install an ecological toilet—a project that will help the environment as well as her family’s health.

When asked how she views her role in the community since working with Plant With Purpose, Brígida replied:

“I see a responsibility to help. In the savings group, we help the people that have an illness or necessity. I like to help them.”

Brígida thanks God for giving her the tools for transformation and for teaching her how to better work within her community.

The seeds that have been sown in Brígida’s life are blossoming into opportunity. No longer is she living in desperation, struggling to take care of her children. These small acts of faithful growth have allowed her to plant for tomorrow.

Help us finish our Plant For Tomorrow expansion campaign so that parents like Brígida can change the future for their children.

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