Celebrating Generational Change:
2015 Planting Hope Gala

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As former board chair Cathi Lundy shared on October 3, it was Plant With Purpose’s U.S. village that gathered to celebrate, support, and give toward this dynamic international program at the 2015 Planting Hope Gala. The $338,000 raised will help rural farmers better provide for their families and change the future of generations to come.

On Saturday, “Planting For Generations” was debuted sharing the story of transformation taking place in Tanzania, as farming families are equipped with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. Environmental education and restoration are integral in making this happen.

Planting For Generations from Plant With Purpose on Vimeo.

Mungubariki, a farmer in Tanzania shares, “When you look at my farm today, I can tell you it didn’t use to be like this. There were no trees. … We didn’t do anything to conserve the soil and it would wash away with the rain. The land was degraded and snows from Mt. Kilimanjaro were melting and not returning.”


Plant With Purpose taught Mungubariki and his community that it is everyone’s responsibility to restore the environment. Through competition, Plant With Purpose is seeing increased engagement to the extent that partners in Tanzania are planting more than one million trees annually. August caught this vision and beautifully sums it up:

“Without knowledge of the importance of trees, people just think of today and not tomorrow. Plant With Purpose is changing that. What farming families do today is for future generations.”

Thank you to everyone who came together to honor the Lord through supporting the work of Plant With Purpose.

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