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Brooke Scruggs on Getting Involved

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 31, 2016 in Cultivator of the Quarter, General

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Brooke Scruggs received an invitation to be a part of the Planting Hope Gala committee. Her initial yes has turned into three years on the committee and exploring other ways to get involved in Plant With Purpose. This summer she will be participating on a Vision Trip and visiting the program in Haiti. We can’t wait for her to visit the program and see how her dedication is making an impact a world away.

Brooke, thanks for your dedication and involvement investing in Plant With Purpose. Read on to learn about our Cultivator of the Quarter. 


1. When and how did you first get involved with Plant With Purpose?

My church, The Village Church, has been supporting Plant With Purpose for years. A member of our Mission Commission was on the Plant With Purpose Gala Committee and invited me to join in 2014. After getting more involved with helping plan the yearly gala, it was a natural progression to find other ways to participate.

2. Can you share about what your involvement looks like?

After becoming more involved in planning the gala and helping on the day of the gala, I started looking for more ways to be involved with Plant With Purpose. I’ve started volunteering with Plant With Purpose to run the outreach table at various Earth Day and sustainability fairs in San Diego.

I’ve joined the Young Advisory board that meets on a quarterly basis with the goal to further engage millennials in the work of Plant With Purpose.

Lastly, I plan to visit Haiti this summer with a group of fellow volunteers and interns. I really look forward to seeing the work Plant With Purpose does firsthand.

me in Yosemite this past October3. What motivates you to use your gifts and time to support the organization?

I have always enjoyed volunteering my time for great causes. I think the most motivating aspect for me is the great people that surround Plant With Purpose, both volunteers and employees. You can really sense the passion people have for the work that is being done internationally.

4. What aspect of our work do you resonate with most?

I was an environmental science major in college and I’ve always been very interested in how we can live more sustainably and cultivate our planet. I love the way Plant With Purpose partners with local people and teaches them skills and techniques that they can continue to use and share to the point where Plant With Purpose’s presence is no longer necessary. Any group that is working to make a more sustainable planet has my appreciation and admiration.

5. Do you have advice for people looking to uniquely use their gifts to support Plant With Purpose?

I think my biggest piece of advice would be: Don’t let uncertainty about the value you can add stop you from participating. I sometimes have trouble identifying my unique abilities and what gifts I as an individual have to share with the world. But everyone has gifts, unique insights, and talents that should be shared with others. So my advice is to get involved in whatever way you can and over time you will find the right fit for you and your gifts.

6. What is your favorite place you have ever visited?

I love to travel, see new places, and meet the local people. Currently, my favorite place I’ve visited is Brazil. I was on a mission trip to see the work an organization called Hope Unlimited that helps street children in Brazil. It is a beautiful place, all the people we met were so welcoming, joyous, and vibrant, and the food was great. But who knows, perhaps after my trip to Haiti, I’ll have a new favorite place.
me hiking Half Dome

7. Quote to live by:

Two quotes that I recently came across inspire me and remind me that I have the power to change, both myself and the world around me:

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

8. Fun facts about yourself:

I’m a LA Kings (hockey) fan and UCLA football fan. I’ve probably been to over 20 national parks in the United States and have hiked Half Dome twice. And I’m quite good at ping-pong.


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  1. Brooke, you are a gem! Plant With Purpose is blessed by your support.

    Kirstie Hibbard

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