Fall Interns:
Uniquely Gifted to Serve

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 8, 2015 in General

Plant With Purpose’s fall internships always hold a unique flair. This group was thrown right into prep for the Planting Hope Gala, which they handled with class, professionalism, enthusiasm, and a desire to support Plant With Purpose. They have also been sustaining some of the normal tasks that take place on a day to day basis. Read on to learn about these four super-stars who will be serving the Plant With Purpose family through the end of the year.



I am a graduate from CSU San Marcos with a bachelor’s in social sciences. I have been in pursuit of merging my spiritual relations and my career choice. I am thrilled to be a marketing and outreach intern with Plant With Purpose and further dive into the nonprofit sector, as well as, being a vessel of extending His love and generosity.

A friend once told me, “Love, like God, is a fearfully beautiful thing.”

This statement has steered me away from fears and doubts by affirming how change and new experiences can bring unimaginable and beautiful outcomes. It is because of Him that I began to set my sights on international development and it is because of Him that I knew I had a purpose. This internship helps me fulfill that purpose, lets me witness fruition, and provides substance to my work.

As far as my hobbies, I love to dance! It is a HUGE aspect of my life. I came to know Jesus through people I met in the dance community and have been dancing alongside Him ever since. I also love to travel and see the world in as much of its entirety as I can. Lastly, I am a movie-watching enthusiast and a dog-lover.

I am excited to have Plant With Purpose be my home for the next couple months and can’t wait to share an incredible testimony of my experiences and time spent here.



My name is Ethan and I’m currently finishing my bachelor’s of arts in sociology from the University of San Diego. Last year, before returning to college after a four-year hiatus, I embarked on a month long solo road trip around the western half of the U.S., driving through dozens of National Parks, National Forests, and State Parks. I dream of one day working to protect these places, while simultaneously exposing others to the transformative powers of the natural world. Being surrounded by God’s wonderful creation in that way was a life changing experience, although it would take months for the full impact to sink in and to realize the spark it lit in me.

More recently, I had the privilege to take a course on the sociology of sustainability–focusing largely on the social and environmental issues present when there is lack of harmony between humans and nature. Recognizing that many social problems throughout the world have an intrinsic correlation with the misuse of the natural world prompted a radical change in my academic focus and in my heart for bringing comprehensive healing to the world.

As the grant writing intern, I’m excited to be part of the Plant With Purpose team and bring holistic change to communities around the world. I plan to incorporate what I learn from this experience in my future graduate studies in environmental studies/ environmental sociology so that work like that of Plant With Purpose can continue to radically change the lives of others.



Hello! My name is Esme Zediker and I am so honored to join this team of 2015 fall interns. I am a senior environmental science major at Point Loma Nazarene University, and this fall I will be one of the two marketing and outreach interns. I have been involved with Plant With Purpose since beginning my undergrad either as a volunteer or attendee of the gala. I first heard about Plant With Purpose in my Environment and People class during my freshman year at PLNU. We had a guest speaker come in and describe to us the mission and values of Plant With Purpose and what we could do to help. I was immediately excited about the work that they were doing and am still to this day very excited about the work I now get to participate in.

The epitome of who I am is defined by how much I love to care for both people and the environment. I find the most fulfillment in using my passion for those two things to be a good steward of the Lord’s creation and all that inhabits it. I see God clearest when I am surrounded by the beauty he has created in nature, from the trees to the soil in which it finds its roots. Due to my great love for the outdoor, I spend most of my free time enjoying all it has to offer. I love to discover new places and adventures, especially with great company!

I am so excited about the opportunity to work with Plant With Purpose, and I cannot wait to see how God uses it to expand my love for His creation. I feel both honored and blessed to be involved in such a commendable nonprofit. If you would like to contact me to gain more knowledge about Plant With Purpose you are welcome to contact me at



I am a recent transplant to San Diego, moving from Philadelphia where I spent the last five years completing a B.A. in earth science and masters of environmental studies, with a concentration in environmental biology, at the University of Pennsylvania.

Over the past year and a half, I inventoried and measured over 4,000 trees on Penn’s campus for my master’s capstone project on the ecological benefits of urban trees, as well as worked at the Morris Arboretum as the urban forestry intern. In addition to being a huge tree nerd, I am a runner, rower, and outdoor enthusiast.

Knowing I was moving to San Diego, I found Plant With Purpose in a search for local organizations dedicated to the environmental restoration and forestry work that I am passionate about. Plant With Purpose’s mission is core to my own beliefs and I am very excited to join the team here this fall.

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