From Darkness and Despair to Light…

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 30, 2015 in General


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
John 1:5

Yesterday we painted a picture of despair where many rural farming families find themselves trapped. Juana fight became more difficult with the tragic death of her husband. Her story signifies the many families that Plant With Purpose walks alongside. It is a story that moves from despair to hope, from darkness to light as Plant With Purpose equips the rural poor to lift themselves out of poverty. Join us.


Light came to Juana in the form of Abundio and Alejandra Ruiz who pastor a Plant With Purpose partner church. Their church is in the neighboring community of Chepeginio, yet they felt called to minister to Poblete. Pastor Abundio shared, “We see God can work in this place! We believe God has chosen us to serve here.” These local leaders helped launch Plant With Purpose’s program in Poblete.


Pastors Abundio and Alejandra stand with members of their congregation at their church in Chepeginio.

Juana took the risk and joined the new community-based savings group. Together, Juana and 11 of her neighbors save their limited income, building a financial safety net to help them through tough times. Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of her savings group is the fact that Juana is no longer fighting poverty and despair alone.


Juana now holds a leadership position in the Poblete Village Savings and Loan Association.

Another overwhelming concern for Juana was having enough food to feed her young children. A solution came when her savings group formed a Family Garden Cooperative. Plant With Purpose provided instruction and guidance in sustainable agriculture, helping these moms to improve their kitchen gardens. The Family Garden Cooperative renewed Juana’s hope and brought with it the security of knowing where their next meal would come from.


The 12 women from the community-based savings group also form the Family Garden Cooperative.

Juana’s smile lights up her face as she shares that her children have enough to eat. In fact, their eating habits have improved: “Now that we grow this lettuce in our garden, my kids love it.”

To be continued…

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