From Darkness & Despair to Light & HOPE

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 31, 2015 in General


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
John 1:5

Juana’s story signifies the many families that Plant With Purpose walks alongside. It is a story that moves from despair to hope, from darkness to light as Plant With Purpose equips the rural poor to lift themselves out of poverty and create lasting solutions to the challenges of rural poverty. Read the posts from earlier this week to hear more of Juana’s story.

Plant With Purpose is bringing light to Juana and the families of Poblete by:

  • Helping families grow a wide variety of vegetables that produce consistent, well-rounded meals.
  • Providing training in sustainable agriculture to restore soil fertility, increase crop production, and ultimately save money as they are no longer purchasing expensive chemical fertilizers. Excess fruits and vegetables are sold at the market for income.
  • Engaging groups to plant trees to preserve the land for generations to come.
  • Offering tools to manage finances. With her new income and reduced expenses, Juana has money to save. Her com­munity-based savings group allows Juana to invest in her children’s future.
  • Growing hope so families can thrive. Plant With Purpose and Juana’s pastors walk with the community, reminding them how much God cares for His people, even in remote places like Poblete.


For Juana, the darkness has broken. As Plant With Purpose invests in Poblete, HOPE is increasing. Pastor Alejandra adds, “Plant With Purpose has changed many aspects of our lives. Now we have hope. We will see these trees when they are grown. We are harvesting vegetables. And I hope for many things for my children.”

Plant With Purpose’s unique approach to poverty alleviation and environmental degradation is shining light in dark places and offering hope to the hopeless. Our desire for 2016 is to equip more than 30,000 families, families like Juana’s, to step out of poverty and into a sustainable future. This can only happen with your help.


Transform Lives With Your Year-End Gift


As 2015 concludes, will you bring hope to families like Juana’s? Your year-end gift by midnight on December 31 will empower parents to feed their children, restore their land, and walk with confidence, centered in God’s love.


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