Gardening Update: Tomato Terror

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 10, 2009 in General

by Aly Lewis

Responsible gardener-mother that I am trying to be, this morning I went out to water my seedling-children only to find that it was near impossible to find the baby spinach and strawberry plants beneath the threatening jungle the tomato plant has exploded into. I fear I’ve become one of those parents who gives in to a petulant child’s tantrums with such frequency that I have created a monster. Namely, a tomato terror.

So all of you green thumbed gardeners, I need your help. Do I need to stake the bullying tomato? Face it away from the sun? What is the plant equivalent of a time out? Will the neglected spinach greens and strawberry bud ever fully integrate into natural Earthbox life?

Any and all advice (of the gardening variety) is welcome.

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