Gift of Hope: Plant a Hillside

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 9, 2014 in General, Gifts of Hope

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This Christmas season we are hopeful for continued growth and transformation in the lives of partnering farming families around the world. In this series, we explore unique gift ideas from our Gifts of Hope online catalog. These life-changing stories are a result of your support. We invite you to give a Gift of Hope this year and change a life.


The San Juan Tamazola community is excited for trees this Christmas season—but not Christmas trees. Government programs had attempted to reforest the community but a lack of knowledge about soil and climate resulted in community members losing faith in reforestation attempts. Plant With Purpose trainings helped to educate members that planting the right trees will be sustainable and restore their land. Restoration in San Juan Tamazola is bringing hope and encouragement to the community.

ArnulfoblogArnulfo, a farmer from the community, is contributing to the tree planting taking place. He celebrates the growth of these saplings saying, “Since I was very young I have loved planting trees…I have told them at the community assembly that we have to care for the trees; we should care for the heritage of our children.”

Planting trees helps farmers like Arnulfo meet daily needs. Farmers in impoverished communities depend on their land’s productivity to survive, and planting trees restores the land to it’s full potential. For Arnulfo, trees mean income to provide food for his family and send his children to school. Planting trees helps Arnulfo to invest in his children’s future as well, because they will inherit land that is healed, fertile, and productive. We rejoice with Arnulfo as he creates a firm foundation for future generations.

Planting trees brings hope for a renewed tomorrow for farming families in communities partnering with Plant With Purpose. Every dollar donated will plant one tree in a deforested community like San Juan Tamazola. For twenty-five dollars, you can fund the restoration of an entire hillside.

There are two ways to give. Check out our online gift catalog and buy trees as a Gift of Hope. Or you can give toward our Christmas campaign to plant trees and lift children out of poverty where your dollars (and impact) double thanks to a generous match.

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