Gifts of Hope: Invest in a Child’s Future

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 2, 2014 in General, Gifts of Hope

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In the lull following Thanksgiving—these first few days of December—we shift our focus from giving thanks to giving gifts. We enter a season of expectancy, of sharing with others, of giving because God first gave to us.

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to celebrate generosity and give back.

Why not give a Gift of Hope? Our online catalog offers alternative gifts to purchase for loved ones this Christmas season. Each gift supports a farming family in need.

“My child was sent home from school because I could not pay the school fees.” This is the all too common reality for children of farming families in poor, rural communities. Children should be able to dream about their future but without an education this hope is lost.

Maria, quoted above, is a mother from Rutana, Burundi. Although she tried to keep her kids in school by borrowing money from family members, Maria had no way of repaying the loans. Through Plant With Purpose’s sustainable agriculture trainings and participation in savings-and-loan group Maria gave her family a new hope. Maria took out a loan from her savings group to invest in her garden and improved her cassava crops. She has enough income to repay her debts and pay her children’s school fees. Now, Maria’s children have the resources they need for a bright future.


Investing in a child’s future means supporting the family that raises him or her. When Maria improved her family garden, she was able to feed her family more nutritious meals allowing her children to grow up healthy and strong. Her participation in the savings-and-loan group ensures enough money to pay school fees, as well as provide clothing, housing, and healthcare for her kids.

This season you can help parents like Maria as they invest in their children’s futures. Plant With Purpose trainings offer simple tools that ensure the children of farming families grow up with nutritious food and an education. We invite you to give hope for a restored future for children this Christmas.

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