Fill your Easter basket with more than Peeps!

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 2, 2015 in Gifts of Hope

Easter Picture

As we excitedly prepare for egg hunts, Easter baskets, and massive sugar consumption (here’s looking at you, Peeps™) this Sunday, we are reminded that spring is the season of new life, and Easter the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. What better way to celebrate a holiday marking rebirth, renewal, and regrowth than with a Gift of Hope from Plant With Purpose?

While we munch on chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks, real rabbits and chickens offer lasting benefits to partnering farmers worldwide. Rabbits provide a substantial source of income to subsistence farmers, as they reproduce quickly and require relatively little land or food. The eggs produced by chickens are an essential source of protein for rural families and a significant source of income when sold at the market.


By giving a clutch of chicks or a bundle of bunnies to a farming family this Easter, you will provide more than a single gift. You will give a long-term source of income, nutrition, and ultimately hope to families around the globe. And when you dye eggs this weekend, remember the new life that something so simple represents. Thank you for being part of sharing this hope. Grace and peace to you this Easter!

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