Give “Gifts of Hope” This Father’s Day

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 11, 2015 in Gifts of Hope

By Ben Held
Throughout the year, we look to our fathers for love, guidance, and support. This Father’s Day, Plant With Purpose celebrates dads like Andrés and their journeys to greater economic, environmental, and spiritual empowerment.

The Dominican Republic floats like a great green leaf atop the clear Caribbean water, but for many who call the island home, life is not always a tropical dream. When the community of Zumbador was struck with coffee rust disease, Andrés Gonzalez lost his entire crop. As one of his cash crops was decimated, this husband and father of seven needed to find another source of income to provide for his family.


In partnership with Plant With Purpose, Andrés planted a new crop of cacao that is more robust and not as labor-intensive as coffee. Andrés didn’t stop at cacao. His farm consists of bananas, cassava, lemon, taro, coffee, and zapote intermixing and growing on his hillside plot of land. For each harvest of cacao, Andrés brings in 500 pounds, compared to the 100 pounds of coffee he used to produce with the help of four assistants.

Thanks to the plentiful cacao output and nearly year-round production, Andrés can save income and plan for his family’s future. He hopes to build a better home for his family, help neighbors by hiring them during particularly fruitful seasons, and give his children the education and opportunities needed to become professionals. But Andrés never forgets that he is also a father to the land and water and it is these very elements that have brought forth his dreams for him and his family.

“I’m a watchman of water. If you don’t have water, you don’t have life. By taking care of the land, you’re taking care of yourself.”


This Father’s Day, honor dad by empowering fathers around the world through Plant With Purpose’s online gift catalog. By planting an orchard or providing seeds for a family garden, fathers like Andrés will realize their dreams of providing for their children. Or give dad a shirt that he can wear in support of restoring lives and land this Father’s Day.

For more ideas, visit our Gifts of Hope Catalog and be sure to download a card for your dad!

How are you celebrating dad this Father’s Day?

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