Give Hope: A Clutch of Chicken

Written by Plant With Purpose on November 17, 2015 in General, Gifts of Hope

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The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
John 1:5

Hope shines bright. This Christmas join us in generating hope for rural farming families. Purchase unique items from Plant With Purpose’s online catalog for families in need on behalf of someone you love. These Gifts of Hope transform lives and land in some of the poorest places in the world. We invite you to give hope this Christmas.

SalChickensA Clutch of Five Chickens is one of Plant With Purpose’s many Gifts of Hope. These gifts continue to bless farming families long after the holidays by providing resources that improve livelihoods. In the countries where Plant With Purpose has programs, rural families heavily rely on farming as their source of food and income.

Salvador Torres Lopez from Yucuxina, Mexico depends on his vegetable garden and livestock to meet the needs of his family. Farmers, like Salvador, depend on farm animals such as chickens to determine their families’ well-being and financial state.


“Raising chickens help us buy clothes for the family …
my vegetables and chickens have created income. I thank God
that my projects continue and our chickens survive.”
-Salvador Torres Lopez

SalFamilyChickens provide a continual source of money and nutrition for Salvador’s family. Eggs are consumed for protein. Those not eaten are sold at the local market. Chickens also assist in pest control and fertilizer for farmer’s vegetable gardens. With the income from chickens, Salvador is able to send his children to school, save money in his community savings group, and cover the expenses of health care.

Give the gift of a Clutch of Five Chicks and bring joy to farming families around the world this season. This Gift of Hope starts at $10.

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