Give Hope: Church-Led Discipleship

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 15, 2015 in General, Gifts of Hope

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The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
John 1:5

Hope shines bright. This Christmas join us in generating hope for rural farming families. Purchase unique items from Plant With Purpose’s online catalog for families in need on behalf of someone you love. These Gifts of Hope transform lives and land in some of the poorest places in the world. We invite you to give hope this Christmas.

The spirit of Christmas brings with it joyous giving and soulful renewal. This time of year we focus on the perfect gift that was given in the coming of Jesus—born as a baby to be our savior and Lord. What better gift to share than the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local leaders with tools to transform surrounding communities through sharing of the Gospel.


Plant With Purpose offers an alternative Gift of Hope called Church-Led Discipleship allowing pastors and church partners in rural areas to guide their congregations to meet spiritual, physical, and social needs in their communities. This Gift of Hope provides a Bible study curriculum and training for pastors and church leaders. Pastor Zacharia from the Nyakazu Watershed in Burundi shares the incredible transformation of his church and how it benefitted his village:

“As an outcome [of the training received], the church decided to rethink the way they use the 20 acres of land that the church owns. They would like to find a way to put this land to work. The group wants to plant the land with banana and invited members of the congregation to donate plants. Anyone from the community can come and cultivate the land.”

– Pastor Zacharia, Burundi


This small change in perspective and stewardship led to a revival of the church being an integral part of their community. Spiritual renewal washed through Pastor Zacharia’s church as they inspired hope and brought the opportunity for members to build a community resource for funds, nutrition, and networking.

The overbearing burden of poverty can be exhausting and somber. Plant With Purpose is changing that by offering hope and fueling partnering churches to seek Jesus and reap in His everlasting love. We love the spirit of Christmas.

Why not share His spirit with others this holiday season by supporting Church-Led Discipleship a gift starting at $25. 

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