Give Hope: Trees Please

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 9, 2015 in General, Gifts of Hope

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Hope shines bright. This Christmas join us in generating hope for rural farming families. Purchase unique items from Plant With Purpose’s online catalog for families in need on behalf of someone you love. These Gifts of Hope transform lives and land in some of the poorest places in the world. We invite you to give hope this Christmas.

We all love the beauty and spirit that a Christmas tree brings. The holiday season is filled with feelings of renewal and love. The Christmas tree, one of many holiday symbols, exemplifies unity, accomplishment, and generosity. Trees, Please is one of Plant With Purpose’s alternative Gifts of Hope. Give the gift of trees to rural farming families, and equip them with a source of food and income. Trees also revitalize soil and water sources, restoring the earth and enabling rural farming families to live with God-given hope and dignity.

A defining characteristic of a Christmas tree is its Christmas lights. Where light is, darkness cannot exist. When faced with economic hardship, many families cut down their trees in hopes of selling lumber for profit. Plant With Purpose teaches sustainable farming techniques that produce a bounty of crops while restoring the dignity of God’s creation. Farmers cultivate the land’s natural beauty, as lights accentuate the beauty of living Christmas trees.

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“Personally, I own a tree nursery which produces up to 5000 seedlings annually.”
– Sia Muna, Marangu, Tanzania











Sia is one of many female farmers who produce on Tanzanian hillsides. Plant With purpose has helped her achieve improved nutrition for her family, and to contribute to her local community. Trees have become an essential part of her life and her well-being.

Gift giving is a longtime Christmas tradition. Gifts emphasize feelings of love. For many farmers, like Sia, trees provide a source of hope amidst times of struggle.

Provide a tree as a token of love for a family member or friend and bless a family in need. Trees, Please is a Gift of Hope that starts at $25.

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