Give. How One Dollar Plants One Tree.

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 20, 2016 in Root 7



18 million trees.

As of April, Plant With Purpose records indicate that over 18 million trees exist because of partnering farmer’s efforts and supporters like you. Each tree comes with a one-dollar price tag.

When you donate a dollar designated to trees, what happens to guarantee that those little pennies turn into lasting fruit? Join this journey with us.

Plant With Purpose USA fundraises for the Plant With Purpose family of organizations with programs in seven developing countries. A dollar given toward our Root 7 or Trees Please campaign is passed on to country programs in order to help them accomplish their annual tree planting goals.

Trained agronomists (experts in agriculture) like Method in Burundi, Durbel in the Dominican Republic, Edvard in Haiti, or Maria in Tanzania, walk alongside partnering communities to recommend new varieties and strategize on tree planting efforts. A portion of your dollar pays for their expertise.

Edvard for Blog

If you plant a seed on a hillside, the likelihood of germination and survival into maturity is slim. Yet Plant With Purpose has a measured success rate of 85 percent of trees still standing three years after being planted. This success is in the attention to detail and care along the way. Let’s continue.

A portion of your dollar goes to materials. That not only includes the seeds but little plastic sleeves. (Some country programs are experimenting with using rolled banana leaves—a biodegradable solution to forcing growth). These sleeves offer the perfect starting point for a seed to send out its first roots. Community members gather together to fill these tubes with soil and seeds. It is not unusual to find hundreds of sleeves lined up, grouped by species, and carefully protected in what becomes a community nurseries.

You see, your tree will not be planted on a farm or reforest a hillside until it has gained some maturity, which increases the likelihood of survival. When seedlings reach six to 18 inches in height, they’re ready to spread their branches. At that point, partnering farmers and community members spend the day digging holes, mixing in compost, and compacting the soil around these budding shoots.

Next your dollar grows into a strong, healthy tree under the watchful eye of partnering farmers. The benefits are bountiful, which we will share with you on Friday.


At the end of Earth Month, our hope is that together  5,000 new trees will be planted.


Plant seven trees today by joining Root 7! Your donation of $7 will plant one tree in each of our seven country programs. Sign up here and Give. Plant. Grow.

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