Going GREEN In Honor of St. Paddy

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 17, 2016 in General


Today as we celebrate our honorary holiday of Irish history and folklore, we find it an opportunity to ‘go green’ in more ways than one. Often associated with shamrocks and leprechauns and celebrated with parades, parties, and feasts, St. Patrick’s Day was once intended to be a day of spiritual renewal.

The people of Ireland lived in close connection to the natural world with a dependency on the environment for survival. They saw God in creation as David Adam explains in The Wisdom of the Celts:

The Celts saw themselves as part of creation and not separate from it, so Columbanus could say, ‘He who tramples on the earth tramples on himself.’ The Celts realized that to harm the earth is to show contempt for its Creator, and it has been suggested that, if the Celtic understanding of our oneness with the world had survived, we would not be having our current ecological problems. They saw the world as the primary way God communicates with people. It is through creation that God reaches out to us and through creation we understand him. If we get our understanding of creation wrong, this affects our understanding of God.

So today, as we don green attire, cook corned beef, and drink green beer, let’s challenge ourselves to go green in another way. Spend some time reflecting on how connected we are to creation and how creation reflects our Creator. Allow these reflections to move you to action—simple steps to reduce our “tramplings” on the earth.

Here is one further reflection from St. Patrick himself:

Our God is the God of all,
The God of heaven and earth,
Of the sea and of the rivers;
The God of the sun and of the moon and of all the stars;
The God of the lofty mountains and of the lowly valleys
He has His dwelling around heaven and earth, and sea and all that in them is.




Cut the carbon cost of transportation and distribution by supporting a local brewery. If you are expecting the whole family, spring for a growler and forget the bottles and cans all together!


You don’t have to cut the meat out completely, but try for more veggie heavy meals. That piece of meat may have a bigger environmental impact than you thought.


Don’t be that person that shows up to the party alone. Grab a buddy and save some money on the way to your festivities.


Try to stray away from single-use cups, plates, and silverware. If you own a dishwasher, use it! Running your dishwasher over hand washing saves gallons.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Good stuff Becky. Sounds like st. Francis and st. Patrick were kindred Spirits but then if we’re all really listening you are good God’s will we would all be like them and all be kindred spirits. I think I’ll head back out to the garden and talked with rosemary for a while….. Dr. Doug

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