Grow. How Trees GROW Communities.

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 26, 2016 in Root 7


Eighty five percent of the world’s poor depend on agriculture to make a living. The poorest of these farming families are left to cultivate land that no one else wants. For partnering farmers, their family farm might be a steep eroded hillside, an over-cultivated plot, or a parched piece of land depleted of nutrients after years of deforestation. These families can easily get caught in a cycle of poverty and environmental degradation. The very act of farming exhausted land exacerbates the delicate environmental balance, causing the land to produce even less.

Plant With Purpose has found trees to be an effective tool in eradicating rural poverty. Partnering families lift themselves out of poverty twice as quickly as their neighbors by planting trees and replenishing their farms. These farming families are applying principles of agroecology—bringing together core principles of agriculture and ecology to transform marginal land and dramatically improve farm yields. Families produce more crops, eat better, and have money leftover to save and invest in their future.


Trees play a core role in this transformation.

Clermanie Sanon in Haiti recently told us how trees changed her life. She explains that she used to cut trees, but now she “cuts less and plants more.” With trees, she explains, “my farm is protected and our crops grow better.” With trees, families are able to lift themselves out of poverty.

And as life improves, famers can’t help but share their knowledge with their entire community.


Wilner has planted hundreds of trees on his one-hectare plot in Haiti. He is an innovative and energetic farmer and works as a promoter for Plant With Purpose. Wilner is passionate about trees. He’s been working with Plant With Purpose for 10 years now and has transformed his farm. Land that was once barren is now dense forest, with birds singing in the trees and fruit to feed his family and sell for extra income. “I tell everyone about the importance of planting trees,” he says. “If we plant more trees, we will see our communities transformed.”

By giving toward trees through Plant With Purpose, you’re not only growing a tree, you’re growing communities. Environmentally restored land produces healthy families with opportunities for their futures. Give today and GROW a community.


During Earth Month, help partnering families plant 5,000 new trees.


Plant seven trees today by joining Root 7! Your donation of $7 will plant one tree in each of our seven country programs. Sign up here and Give. Plant. Grow.

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