Help Haiti Recover From Hurricane Matthew

Written by Scott Sabin on October 7, 2016 in General, Haiti, News & Events



Hurricane Matthew was the biggest storm to strike Haiti in 52 years. It destroyed thousands of homes and farms and killed more than 800 people. The damage reports are just coming in and the toll is expected to increase. The storm has made lives of rural Haitians much, much worse, as torrential rain caused widespread flooding and mudslides on Haiti’s steep and deforested hills. Even worse, this storm comes on the heels of a five-year drought in Haiti, which caused widespread food insecurity. The best hope for a good harvest has been destroyed and hunger will be a big problem in the months ahead.

IMG-20161005-WA0031 (1)Plant With Purpose is already responding. Our local Haiti team is reaching out to affected communities, working through well-established community relationships to clear impassable roads and quickly begin the process of helping farming families rebuild their farms and lives.

The families we work with are some of the hardest working and resilient people you can imagine and they will find a way to move forward. But this has been a huge setback and Plant With Purpose cannot idly stand by when so many people we have come to love and work alongside are hurting.

Our immediate goal is to raise $100,000 in order to:

• Help impacted families access seeds to replant crops lost in the storm
• Hire workers to build 15 miles of soil conservation barriers
• Plant 25,000 trees to replace damaged trees and build environmental resilience

Hiring people to build soil conservation barriers and plant trees gives those who have lost their crops an opportunity to put money in their pocket – money with which they can buy food to feed their families. This type of “cash-for-work” program is one of the most effective ways of getting food to people, without further damaging the local economy or driving other farmers out of business.

Not only that, we have seen first-hand how effective this work is in building strength and resilience in rural Haiti. When the last major hurricane struck Haiti in 2012, people’s farms and even their lives were saved because the trees they planted protected them from flooding and mudslides. Crop diversity, soil conservation and savings groups are all critical tools to equip rural communities to prepare for and recover from natural disasters.


Despite our long-term hopefulness, Haiti needs emergency relief now. We are in a unique position, because of our long-term relationships and our prepositioned Haitian staff that is already at work. Furthermore, because our work enables us to meet immediate needs while also building disaster resilience, we have an opportunity to provide help that makes a lasting impact.

Please join with us as we stand with Haiti’s hard working farming families. Providing seeds and money from meaningful work will meet their critical needs, and will do so with dignity and hope. Click here to transform the life of a needy family today.


Scott Sabin

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