Hogs & Kisses This Valentine’s Day

Written by Plant With Purpose on February 12, 2015 in General

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Regardless of how you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you’re getting in the lovey-dovey mood this week. February 14 is a great excuse to be generous and remind those in your life why you adore them.

If you’re not the flowers and chocolate type–or stuck on gift ideas–then consider getting creative with your affection. Why not give a cuddly farm friend like a chick, goat, or bunny?

Plant With Purpose’s Gifts of Hope bring opportunity to impoverished farming families. Your valentine will love the lasting gift and the benefitting family will enjoy improved nutrition and income for years to come.

Still not convinced that farm animals make better gifts than chocolate? Here are three reasons why they spread the love:

  1. Chickens provide eggs for hungry families, a nutritious and much-needed source of protein.
  2. Goats give milk, providing the calcium kids need to grow up strong. Families also sell goat milk at market, earning income to send their children to school.
  3. Bunnies reproduce quickly, creating a sustainable source of income for families as they sell young rabbits to their neighbors. Plus, rabbit droppings make great fertilizer!

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating those we love most. Your family and friends know you care, but reminders are always welcome … especially in the form of furry friends. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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