Join. How You Can Plant Trees on Arbor Day.

Written by Becky Rosaler on April 29, 2016 in General


Over this past month, we have shared the impact that a single tree can have on health, soil conditions, crop production, property value, water quality, humidity, and the carbon-oxygen cycle, not to mention the impact on lifting families out of poverty. We have passed along stories from partnering families in Haiti as they have been able to send their children to school, cover medical costs, invest in their farms, and expand their homes all because of planting trees on their farms.

The founder of Arbor Day, J. Sterling Morton, famously stated, “Each generation takes the earth as trustee.” Our environmental actions (or lack thereof) will have implications on our children and children’s children. Plant With Purpose partnering families understand that they are planting for today and for tomorrow.


Because of Plant With Purpose, Jean Robert Calix’s life is different. In Haiti—a country full of hunger, hopelessness, and despair—he is dreaming of his families’ future, something only realized after planting trees. Jean shares, “I have a plot of land near the forest that was very poor. I made a lot of compost—14 bags—and applied it to the land. The avocado harvest was so great that with the money I made I was able to buy a mule. I am also able to pay for my children’s school fees, pay for medicine, and buy other things we need.”

So today in honor of Arbor Day (a holiday celebrated since 1872), future generations, and families living in poverty, plant a TREE. Or better yet, an entire orchard!



One dollar plants one tree!



During Earth Month, help partnering families plant 5,000 new trees.


Plant seven trees today by joining Root 7! Your donation of $7 will plant one tree in each of our seven country programs. Sign up here and Give. Plant. Grow.

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