Written by Becky Rosaler on June 18, 2015 in General

We woke up today and were once again faced with heart-shattering news of injustice, of evil screaming for attention, interrupting our everyday routines as we question how someone could commit such a nonsensical crime. Today we also see the response of a community, a body, lifting up the hurting city of Charleston in prayer. Today I am reminded of the individuals who gathered two weeks ago in Chicago to give voice to God’s heart for justice. Rather than ignoring the issues that plague our nation and our world, let us engage, let us remain broken, and let us allow God to use us as an outpouring of His love.

The Justice Conference left us speechless. Speechless in the sense of being in awe of the thousands of people, linking arms, to be God’s love in action in this fallen world. Words fell from the lips of speakers, pastors, and justice leaders as gifts to be received with calls to action.

In the wake of the Charleston shooting, on a day where injustice seems to be winning, the words of Lynne Hybels ring true: “The antidote of despair is action.” So today, listen to your heart. Pick a cause. Engage your community. Keep learning. Keep collecting the stories that the media is not telling. We let these quotes speak for themselves and hope they inspire you to worship and action.


Dr. Cornel West

  • Love your way through darkness. Indifference to evil is more evil that evil itself.
  • Justice always has to be rooted in something deeper than itself. It is rooted in love.
  • When you are a follower of Jesus, you don’t need permission to be a force of good.
  • Justice is what love looks like in public. Tenderness is what justice feels like in private.

Eugene Cho

  • Justice matters because it is a part of God’s character. Justice must always remain humble, always be open to learning.
  • When we see people as projects, we dehumanize them. Always be open to the things we must learn. We might be the mountain God wants to move.

Bob Goff

  • Love and justice are intertwined. Start seeing people the way Jesus does. Draw circles around people and protect them. Just love people the way Jesus does.

Lynne Hybels

  • There is a sense of holy magic being in the presence of enemies who have chosen to be friends.
  • Refuse to be enemies with anyone. Listen to see humanity. Speak to see humanity.
  • Peacemaking is a deep spiritual discipline.

Ann Voskamp

  • The radically blessed go to radical lengths to free the oppressed.
  • Gratitude starts movements. You can’t be moved by grace and not become a revolutionary.
  • Pray to remain broken.
  • The worst thing that can happen to use is to live for cheap and meaningless things.

Jenny Yang

  • We’re all called to be the Good Samaritan. If people keep getting hurt, we eventually have to ask what is wrong with the Jericho Road.
  • “Charity is giving crumbs from your table while justice is giving someone a seat at your table,” according to Bill Moyers. There is a limit to charity but no limit to the table. We need to expand the seats at the table.

Rev. Traci Blackmon

  • God is in each of us. Privilege is an othering of people. To operate in privilege says that the God in someone else is less than the God in me.
  • We are all on the same side of the fight but we need to start dismantling institutions.
  • When love and justice walk down the aisle together, they produce liberation and transformation.


Soong-Chan Rah

  • We all need to give up our right to only learn from people who look like you.

Rev. Neichelle Guidry

  • God’s heart is broken. He is seeking people who are broken.
  • Your wealth is the very reason other people are poor. Lose your addiction to convenience.
  • Commit to the movement. Work with the poor. Struggle with them. And understand that the struggle is ours. Commitment is often inconvenient.
  • Pray for a burden. Pray that it will keep you up at night. Pray that it will stir your spirit, frustrate you, push you past your own apathy.

To learn more about The Justice Conference, visit their website. And to read additional quotes, search the hashtag #Justice2015 on Twitter.

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