Ketty … the Woman Behind the Smile

Written by Plant With Purpose on September 27, 2016 in Haiti

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Plant With Purpose is seeing more than 30,000 families across seven developing countries grow out of poverty. Their hard work is reinforced by the teaching and training of a team of 213 development professionals. These staff members are not only educated in their area of expertise (sustainable agriculture, economics, or spiritual direction) but they believe in the holistic approach of Plant With Purpose’s program. From agronomists to accountants, from pastors to farmers, our staff are living out the philosophy of Plant With Purpose and are dedicating their lives to effect transformational change and to impact the lives of their fellow countrymen (and women), all while restoring the environment.

It has been said that our international directors are our heroes. Well, their team members don’t fall far behind.

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Ketty teaching the community of Yeti about making organic pesticide.

Ketty Alexandre is the lead agronomist for the Fonds-Verrettes regional office in Haiti. You’ve probably seen her picture. She’s holding an avocado seedling with an infectious smile. That smile captures the deep joy that bubbles out of Ketty. Spend any time with Ketty in her element and you’ll see the profound respect that partnering farmers have for this woman.

Daughter of two rural farmers, Ketty was enveloped in an agricultural lifestyle from a young age. She shares that farmers are “my heart and blood.” Once she was old enough, Ketty traveled to Port-au-Prince to study agriculture and returned to the countryside to share her new knowledge.


Ketty is no stranger to picking up a pickaxe and working alongside partnering farmers.

As a Plant With Purpose staff member, Ketty makes the three-hour journey to Fonds-Verrettes every Monday and returns home for the weekend. She is an empty nester with a son who is attending school in Florida. Her motherly countenance is reflected in her interactions with the Fonds-Verrettes staff. And community members warmly greet her as she conveys advice or teaches lessons on sustainable agriculture.

Community leader Macius Louis reports, “Mrs. Ketty is a very good teacher; she’s very encouraging.” Another offered that upon her suggestion, they planted trees surrounding their home, which protected the structure from storm damage.


Ketty and the Fonds-Verrettes staff

Ketty’s heart for farmers and her work is spurred on by her faith. Psalm 133 says, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” Ketty’s response: “This is not just a job for money. I see my work as ministry and when we work with families to restore their land, it is establishing God’s Kingdom here on earth.”

And partnering families recognize this calling on Ketty’s life. Ilande Jean Paul shares, “Thank God for sending Plant With Purpose and Mrs. Ketty!”


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