New Growth for the New Year

Written by Plant With Purpose on January 5, 2016 in General

The New Year offers a great opportunity to reflect, refocus, and make positive change. Following the celebrations and spurges of the holidays, many take this time to commit to doing away with old habits, and establish new healthy and life-giving patterns.

We find comfort in the familiar. This is one reason habits are difficult to kick. But more often than not, we are surprised by the richness of our diligence when follow-through occurs.

Our partnering farmers similarly rely on their faith as they abandon old patterns and trust that new agricultural and savings methods will in fact improve their lives. Hope builds as farming families realize that by changing their ways they are able to provide for their families and fulfill their responsibility to steward creation. 

Learn character from trees, values from roots, and change from trees.
Tasneem Hameed


As you ponder this year’s resolutions, here are a few considerations we enjoyed from Relevant Magazine. If you want to live more intentionally when it comes to our purchasing power, Tree Hugger has provided a number of apps that can help us to live healthier and more in line with our values.

Whether you are committing to a yoga class, cultivating your community garden, working to restore a broken relationship, or swearing off of that one guilty pleasure, your current sacrifice is with the hope of creating a better future and some new growth for 2016.

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