Overcoming Obstacles in Thailand

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 15, 2016 in Annual Report, Overcoming Obstacles

Plant With Purpose partnering families are overcoming some tremendous obstacles. From imposing politics, ethnic tensions, limited resources, lack of services, and feeling emotionally defeated, roadblocks to brighter futures present themselves at every turn.

Yet, as Plant With Purpose walks alongside vulnerable families, reality is changing. Despite the obstacles, hope is breaking through as lives and land are transformed.

Obstacles in Thailand

Thailand’s military seized power in 2014, taking over as the country’s functioning government. The coercive and unjust group is seeking to gain more power and control through their recently drafted new constitution. This document is speculated to only bring more influence to the militant group, as it prioritizes them in unlimited power. It weakens democracy and violates human rights. Injustice and a lack of a stable government only pose more obstacles for the ethnic minorities that Plant with Purpose works alongside. The tribal people of the Northern region face trials of racial injustice, poverty, and scapegoating for Thailand’s environmental problems. Tight citizenship rules leave many individuals who are born in Thailand without residency and subject to recent attempts of eviction. These ethnic minority groups are facing more hardship as they struggle to be settled.

Though partnering families in Thailand are burdened with citizenship and land owning rights, this past year 939 minority citizenship cases were resolved, and over 10,000 trees were planted on family farms increasing their value and providing financial stability.

Accumulating Assets

Living in the community of Pang Dang Nok are people from the Palaung tribe, ethnic minorities from Myanmar who have few rights in northern Thailand. Plant With Purpose walks alongside vulnerable communities offering tools and training for families to find stability in their new homeland.

Rom Lamai (pictured) is a 35-year-old mother raising and selling pigs to support her two children. Before working with Plant With Purpose, Mrs. Lamai’s pigs were weak and diseased. In the two years since partnering with Plant With Purpose, she has gained a better understanding of raising healthy pigs and even shares her knowledge with neighbors. In the limited space around her house she plants fruit trees including bananas whose leafy greens provide feed for her pigs. Income from her livestock is creating financial stability.

Like most mothers, Mrs. Lamai desires her teenagers to receive a quality education. One day she hopes to purchase farmland for her family. By accumulating assets, such as pigs, Mrs. Lamai is working toward her dreams and a better future in Thailand.

Program Expansion

Plant With Purpose continues to empower vulnerable people by strategically expanding into a new watershed where communities of ethnic minorities live. Leaders receive training in agroforestry and forest management, activities which help reduce threats by restoring the environment. Improvements to the land also increase these communities’ standing with local governments and the possibility of gaining official recognition. Partnering families are gaining a more secure future as well as the ability to produce more food, find financial stability, and grow in their knowledge and love of God.

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The Reversing Deforestation and Redemptive Agriculture sections originally appeared in the 2015 Annual Report. View the complete report here.

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