Pablo: Planting for Tomorrow
in Maizal, Dominican Republic

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 2, 2015 in Plant For Tomorrow


We are thrilled to introduce Plant For Tomorrow: a campaign to double our impact over the next two years. With your help, Plant With Purpose will reach 100,000 new people in 200 new communities while launching programs in Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This campaign will multiply Plant With Purpose’s life-changing work as we seek to restore people’s relationships with the land, one another, and the Lord. Look for stories of transformation throughout this summer as we Plant For Tomorrow!


About an hour drive off the main road that transects the Dominican Republic is the remote community of Maizal. Shopping centers, grocery stores, and banks can’t be found in Maizal. Instead, the roads are surrounded by cocoa trees, tiendas selling basic goods, and the occasional brightly colored wooden Caribbean home with a tin roof.

Maizal is home to a community of farmers who depend on the land for survival. Since these farming families rely on the production of cocoa, coffee, and pigeon peas for income, the health of the land and natural water sources can mean the difference between hunger and health.

As a young father, Pablo Nivar is experiencing the transformation taking root in Maizal. Just a few years ago, he struggled to grow enough food to feed his wife and young daughter. Pablo spent his limited income on gambling and alcohol. Circumstances seemed desperate for the Nivar family until Pablo joined a savings-and-loan group.


Pablo stands with fellow farmers as they harvest cocoa pods in Maizal.

These savings groups or Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) provide a safe place for the impoverished families to invest their limited incomes. Pablo learned to save his money and invest it in his farm and household. With his savings, the Nivar family purchased a new wood house. “I have changed. Before I drank the money but now I save it and invest it in our house,” he says. “This has helped my relationship with my wife. I have improved, and if she needs something I can help.”

Pablo has also experienced a spiritual transformation. “I have become a better person. There were people in the community I could not speak with before, but now I have improved. I have learned to ask God when to lie down and when to rise.” He says that Maizal is more united as a community since partnering with Plant With Purpose and works together to accomplish tasks.

Pablo is positioned to build better future for his family. By learning to manage his money his income is no longer a limitation. Like the rest of Maizal, Pablo is planting seeds today to change futures tomorrow. And with your help, we will extend this impact to hundreds of other communities in need. Join us as we Plant For Tomorrow.

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