Celebrating Piedra Blanca

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 26, 2013 in General

We aren’t ready for the holiday celebrations to come to an end so over the next week, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite stories – graduation stories! Plant With Purpose fosters initiative and innovation that leads to self-sufficiency within communities. Today we celebrate Piedra Blanca!


Dario Baez Enemencio’s partnership with Plant With Purpose Dominican Republic has changed his life. He celebrates with the community of Piedra Blanca as they “graduate” from Plant With Purpose’s program—evidence that they have been equipped and empowered to improve their quality of life using their own God-given talents and resources.

Before, Dario says, “My financial situation was bad. I lived in a cottage and had a small income. I just planted yucca. In most cases it wasn’t profitable because I could not find buyers. My land had little value, and I didn’t have enough knowledge in cultivation techniques to develop a profitable farm. I didn’t know God, nor did I attend church.”

Today, his family’s situation is different. Dario learned to diversify his farm by planting lemon, mandarin, and eucalyptus trees alongside vegetables. As a result, his income increased. “I used to live in a thatch house,” he says, “but now I have my own concrete block house with a concrete roof. My family is more financially stable.”

Beyond his family’s improved economic well-being, Dario has experienced spiritual transformation. “I had never visited a church before,” he says. “I went for the first time and I really liked it. I attend more frequently now.”

As 2014 approaches, will you consider making a year-end gift that will allow Plant With Purpose to see additional communities graduate in the months and years to come?

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Story adapted from the 2014 Winter Sower.

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