Plant. How Trees Support Life.

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 22, 2016 in Root 7


Trees add layers of beauty to any landscape. Branches, bark, and roots provide places for insects, birds, and beast to nest and hide. On a hot sunny day, shade from their canopies is greatly appreciated. Trees increase property values. And they mark the changing of seasons.

Ask an avid ecologist and they will offer many reasons for planting trees.

In grade school we learned the chemical equation of photosynthesis where carbon dioxide plus water powered by energy from the sun leads to sugar and oxygen. A mature tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. That means two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four.

Trees indicate changes in ecosystems as you climb higher in elevation or discover a shaded oasis. They play a major role as building blocks in an ecosystem and reflect God’s great wisdom in his design.

Branches and leaf litter break the fall of a harsh rain while roots anchor valuable topsoil. These roots create pathways through soil for water to travel and replenish underground aquifers. Leaves release water into the atmosphere through tiny holes called stomata and as they do this, humidity increases.

Rows of trees offer natural protection from strong winds.

Certain trees even add necessary nutrients to the soil. Legumes take nitrogen from the atmosphere and add it to the ground so other plants can access this necessary mineral.

So trees—they’re pretty important to the water cycle, the oxygen cycle, and the nitrogen cycle.

This statement is something Solon Gesir from Wo Tefwad, Haiti knows personally. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy ravaged areas of Haiti. Solon shares, “My farm was protected from mudslides by the trees we had planted, since they help hold the land in place.”


He is not done with his tree planting efforts and shares, “We have planted hundreds of trees on our farm and are building this cistern to have water for our family and to have water available to grow more trees. When it’s done we will be able to make it through the dry season and not have to walk so far.”

As families in Haiti feel the impact of three-years of drought, the Gesir family is better equipped to weather this new storm because of Plant With Purpose. Their well-established trees lessen the implications of the harsh conditions associated with drought.



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