Plant With Purpose Celebrates 31 Birthday

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 30, 2015 in General, News & Events

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Thursday, July 2 is Plant With Purpose’s Incorporation Day. In plainer terms, it’s our birthday! 31 years ago, Plant With Purpose (then called Floresta) launched its first transformative program in the Dominican Republic.

Big things have happened since 1984—like planting 14.4 million trees alongside partnering farmers to restore their land; the launch of 802 Village Savings and Loan Associations to empower rural families to build financial safety nets for the first time; and empowering 129,036 children and adults to live with God-given dignity. Now, we’ve launched a campaign to DOUBLE the first three decades of Plant With Purpose’s impact…in just three years.

There is much to celebrate. In particular, we are grateful for our partners who make this work not only possible but life-changing. Mungubariko Tarimo is one of these partners. We told you part of Mungubariko’s story on Arbor Day and share the conclusion today.

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“When you look at my farm today I can tell you that it didn’t use to be like this,” Mungubariko Tarimo says. Standing in his lush plot under the shade of trees and among rows of organic corn and cabbage, it’s hard to believe. Yet for decades Mungubariko’s farm on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro was lifeless. It was through Plant With Purpose’s agricultural training that he learned the skills needed to improve his farm and provide for his family.

After learning how to create natural pesticides and fertilizers in workshops, he switched to all-organic farming. His leafy cabbage is free from dangerous chemicals and people head to his stall first in the market because they know Mungubariko’s produce is safe. “I even have buyers from Kenya who come to buy my vegetables,” he says. “I used to have problems with my stomach all the time, but now that I’ve switched to organic I don’t have those problems anymore.”

Thanks to the knowledge and training Mungubariko received, his income and food production have increased significantly. His farm brings in enough money to provide for his family and extra to care for others in the community. With their additional income, Mungubariko’s family built a church on their property. “We built it for the older people, who had a hard time walking down the mountain to go to church, but now we have younger people come, too, and the church is always full,” he says. Mungubariko and his family are using their knowledge and resources to bless others in Masia Mamba. The transformations to his farm have equipped him to build a bright future for his family and neighbors, and to plant for tomorrow.

Today marks the last day of Plant With Purpose’s fiscal year, but there’s still time help us finish strong! Give to empower Mungubariko and thousands like him to Plant For Tomorrow.

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