Pray With Purpose This August

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 6, 2015 in Prayer Letter


Small-scale farming families are deeply dependent on the environment for their well-being. Land and access to water are often a farmer’s greatest assets. As we compiled this month’s prayer letter, the theme of rain continued to appear.

Throughout the book of Job, we are reminded of God’s role as Creator and Sustainer.

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
miracles that cannot be counted.
He provides rain for the earth;
he sends water on the countryside.
The lowly he sets on high,
and those who mourn are lifted to safety.
So the poor have hope,
and injustice shuts its mouth.
-Job 5

On the first Friday of every month, the international body of Plant With Purpose pauses to lift up praises and prayer requests. Join us as we pray for the needs, including life-giving water, for our brothers and sisters around the world.



We praise God for:

  • The protection of our staff during this tense and insecure time surrounding country elections.
  • The addition of newborn babies to the families of Emmanuel and Gerard, two staff members from Rutana.
  • The continuation of program activities with positive results despite the insecurity and unrest.

We pray for:

  • The staff’s safety and security following the elections. They are working under the oppression of grenades, gun fighting, threats, and other risks. Please pray for the country as a whole.
  • The process of hiring staff to fill key positions. Pray that God gives us the right individuals for the open positions and that their hearts would align with our vision, mission, and values.
  • The establishment of tree nurseries and the germination of seeds planted.
  • Many Burundians fled the country and are now refugees in Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Please pray for their well-being.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

We praise God for

  • This new partnership between Plant With Purpose and Eben Ezer Ministries International (EMI). EMI has been praying for a partnership like this since 2010 and share, “God is never late. He answers in His time.”
  • Birori Dieudonne, the new pilot project manager and the hiring of additional staff to oversee the project.
  • The first training of new employees by Technical Director Robert Morikawa at EMI’s office.
  • Robert Morikawa’s safe and smooth travel to Uvira, DRC.

We pray for:

  • The first visit to the community of Gomba. Please pray that we will be joyfully welcomed.
  • The building of the Plant With Purpose office in Gomba.
  • The safety and security of Plant With Purpose staff as they frequently travel during August and September.
  • Birori, the new pilot program manager, that God gives him wisdom in all activities. Pray also for the leadership team that they will provide good governance.


Dominican Republic

We praise God for:

  • The seasonal rains that have allowed new crops to grow. Please continue to pray for rain during this time of drought.

We pray for:

  • The development and implementation of activities for Fiscal Year 2016.
  • The 20 new savings-and-loan groups that will begin in the next few months. Please pray that the communities are receptive to the methodology and the idea of savings.
  • The new church partnerships that will be formed in the upcoming year.
  • God’s wisdom and guidance as we hire an economic development and spiritual renewal coordinator for the Ozama watershed region.
  • Increased capacity of savings groups to engage in natural resource management in the communities of Zumbador, El Cacao, and La Yautía.



We praise God for:

  • Good health for the Fonds-Verrettes staff at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

We pray for:

  • The Lord’s wisdom as we propose partnership with three new communities: Sousenlwi, Ti sous, and Mòn Kat.
  • The farmers in Fonds-Verrettes who lost their crops due to lack of rain.
  • The families hosting Haitian refugees and people of Haitian origin born in the Dominican Republic. It is becoming a challenge to find enough food for their households.
  • Regular rainfall during the summer season that coincides with the planting season. Farmers are waiting for the rains to plant crops and trees.



We praise God for:

  • The completion of the fiscal year and the beginning of a new one. Praise God for the achievements of partnering families as they learn new skills, take on responsibilities, and develop projects.
  • The workshop on environmental restoration held in Ojo de Agua. Félise García Morales, the community leader, received positive feedback and attendees are excited to protect their watershed.
  • The reforestation efforts taking place in many communities.
  • The protection of crops despite the heavy rains that fell on partnering communities in Chiapas.

We pray for:

  • Our holistic approach to ministry to strengthen the local church as they integrate environmental stewardship.
  • Elvira Durán, our new savings groups coordinator. Please pray for God’s wisdom, guidance, and strength in this new role.
  • Rain, which has not been sufficient for crop growth, specifically in lowland areas. Pray also for the safety of communities as they face extreme weather conditions. Crops, homes, and people become vulnerable during unstable weather conditions.
  • The partnering communities of Mesbiljá, Abasólo, Chichihuistan, and San Cristobal who face challenges from the strong paternalistic culture that has persisted for years.
  • The people in Chiapas. Please pray that God will give the staff strength, wisdom, and grace to continue the program during post-election conflict.



We praise God for:

  • Successful completion of Fiscal Year 2015. Reports show that goals were accomplished and in some cases exceeded.

We pray for:

  • God’s blessings and wisdom as we implement strategies for the new fiscal year.
  • Preparation for our training of trainers’ event where 46 facilitators will learn about agricultural and environmental activities. Please also pray for the success of our facilitators.
  • The opening of a new office in Moshi Town to be smooth and successful.
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation data collection exercises.



We praise God for:

  • The approval of and funding for the Livelihood Development Project. At least 30 additional families from five villages will benefit from this new project.

We pray for:

  • The August 11 tree-planting day with savings groups in Chiang Dao.
  • The water crisis throughout Thailand. Partnering families are replanting crops because young seedlings died due to a lack of rain.
  • The development of five to seven women’s groups in new communities that will launch in the next two years.
  • The situation partnering families face as the forestry department reclaims land they are living on. This land is located in forest reserves and national parks (in some instances the forest reserves and national parks were established after people were already living there). Often the hilltribes do not have the appropriate paperwork to be living there. Plant With Purpose and other organizations are trying to help with this problem.



We praise God for:

  • The launch of the pilot program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Praise God for a strong, local partner in Eben Ezer Ministries International and pilot project manager Birori Dieudonne.
  • Safe travels for Plant With Purpose team members while traveling to conferences, on vacations, and to visit the program.
  • Our supporters and donors who have led the way with our Plant For Tomorrow expansion campaign. It has been a huge success thus far.
  • Our summer interns. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication to the mission of Plant With Purpose.

We pray for:

  • Wisdom in finding the right people to fill current staffing needs of finances assistant and director of development and marketing.
  • The Plant For Tomorrow campaign as we reach new donors and supporters to financially support the work of Plant With Purpose.
  • The Planting Hope Gala taking place on October 3. Pray for attendance, generosity, and that we honor the stories of transformation being shared.
  • Program Officer Milmer Martinez’s trip to the Dominican Republic with Carlos Cuacach from Plant With Purpose Mexico. They will be training community members in the border region on the construction of ecological latrines.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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