Pray With Purpose This March

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 3, 2016 in Prayer Letter


Throughout the gospels, people who encounter Jesus invite family, friends, and neighbors to come and see—come and see this man who spoke truth into their lives, cured the sick, and ultimately changed the course of history. Jesus offered hope, belonging, and healing.

Jesus still offers hope, belonging, and healing today.

As Plant With Purpose partnering farmers experience transformation, they are inviting others to come and see. Come and see how their land is producing greater crops, how they are now able to pay school fees, how they’re growing in knowledge and understanding of God. They are experiencing that same hope, belonging, and healing. To us, that is God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

The first Friday of the month Plant With Purpose’s international family stops to pray over the program. Would you join us in lifting up these praises and prayer requests as together, we invite people to come and see?



We praise God for:

  • His faithfulness in protecting our staff as they work in areas of high risk during this time of political uncertainty in Burundi. Praise the Lord that despite the instability, field activities continue as planned.
  • The support of World Food Program (WFP) in supplying 500 tree planters through the Food For Asset program. Around 100,000 trees were planted in the Nyakazu watershed in February. Tree planting with WFP will continue into March.
  • The opportunity for two staff members, Noé and Methode, to participate in the international technical meeting held in Thailand last month.

We pray for:

  • The ability for Burundi to overcome the current political crisis.
  • Consistent and gentle rains. At the moment, we are experiencing torrential rains that are destroying infrastructure. Flooding has taken out bridges, preventing access to some partnering communities.
  • An effective solution for managing the foreign exchange rate and the new measures being enforced. These measures restrict organizations from receiving external financial support and may create a challenge to operation.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

We praise God for

  • Peace and security in the Kakumba watershed despite clashes amongst armed groups in surrounding areas.
  • Community members’ participation in agriculture training and application of the knowledge received.
  • A good harvest as farmers managed situations that would affect their crops.
  • A successful trip to Rwanda where staff and partnering farmers exchanged ideas on terracing with Rwandan farmers.
  • Positive testimonies from partnering families. Less than a year after the launch, the program is already impacting families in the Kakumba watershed with many new lessons learned.

We pray for:

  • Peace and stability in our region and the entire country.
  • The celebration of opening the new office on March 6 with local and state authorities in attendance.
  • The success of the pilot project in the Kakumba watershed.
  • Upcoming meetings with local leaders to discuss peace and reconciliation


Dominican Republic

We praise God for:

  • The recent rains. Partnering farmers are filled with joy, as their crops flourish.

We pray for:

  • New farmer groups that are planting fruit trees to establish agroforestry plots. Pray that these efforts will improve their quality of life.
  • Savings group leaders in the Hondo Valle region as they encourage the formation of and participation in Mutual Aid Associations.
  • Churches to be motivated to start Bible study groups in partnering communities.



We praise God for:

  • The safe and fruitful trip of Guy and Jean Marie to the international technical meeting in Thailand.
  • The rains that fell last month in Fonds-Verrettes.

We pray for:

  • Program understanding in the new partnering communities of Boulay and Twama. Pray also for discernment for the staff in Fonds-Verrettes as they establish relationships in these communities.
  • A solution to the political situation in Haiti. A temporary executive has replaced the elected president and will remain in power until elections can be held.
  • Our cook, Mrs. Paulette, who broke her hip in a car accident. She will be travelling to the Dominican Republic for surgery. Please pray for peace of mind, safe travels, and a successful surgery.
  • Continued unity and expansion of Plant With Purpose Haiti programs.
  • Resilience for farmers and their families after a long drought where crop production decreased by half. The United Nations is predicting a high level of global malnutrition as a result of crop failure due to El Niñ o weather patterns.



We praise God for:

  • Savings groups that have formed within communities in Tenejapa and the Mixteca regions of Oaxaca.
  • A successful workshop on ecological latrines and sanitation in San Jose del Carmen, Chiapas.
  • The environmental stewardship workshop with leaders in Chiapas.
  • The students involved in environmental education and their tree planting efforts.
  • Our agronomists, field staff, and program staff as they collaborate with rural farming families to make greater food production a reality. God bless them.

We pray for:

  • The hands of God to be on new partnering families in Chiapas as they form working groups. Pray that He will bless their growth and development.
  • Peace and a resolution to the political conflict in the Oxchuc communities in Chiapas.
  • The health of staff as they work in areas where Zika and Chikungunya viruses are present.
  • God to supply for all our needs as we work to achieve program goals.
  • A new office for Plant With Purpose Mexico.
  • The marriage of our colleague Elizabeth C. Ortiz. We pray for God to bless this new stage of life and her relationship with her future husband, Mario Sandoval.



We praise God for:

  • The successful training for the environmental restoration department.
  • The progress made in developing an agroecology curriculum.

We pray for:

  • Wisdom and strength for staff members as they participate in annual planning sessions.
  • The upcoming facilitator’s training of trainers (TOT). The TOT aims to sharpen skills and expand knowledge of facilitators, as well as equip new facilitators to successfully manage VSLAs and extend Plant With Purpose’s impact.
  • Continued program expansion into new communities in the Hai district.
  • Successful preparation and collection of group data. The information gathered will be the first-round of data for the 2016 group competition.



We praise God for:

  • The first draft of the 15-year strategic direction plan, which was developed with full participation of staff and related stakeholders.
  • The successful advocacy work of the Dara-ang people to promote their culture and continued existence of the tribal people in northern Thailand.
  • The GIS and GPS training for target villages in the Huay Lu watershed.

We pray for:

  • A possible collaboration on church and community mobilization with local churches, and seminaries in Southern China focused on ethnic minorities such as Lahu, Mong, Lisu, and Tai people.
  • The successful promotion of Plant With Purpose Thailand’s program during the annual meeting of the Thailand Karen Baptist Convention and Lahu Baptist Convention from March 21-24.
  • The villages preparing firebreaks for their community forest plots so they will be able to protect the forest during the dry season.



We praise God for:

  • Our new staff members including regional representatives for San Francisco Bay Area and Houston, Texas. Please pray for Dave and Valerie’s transitions as Plant With Purpose team members and fundraisers. Pray also for Jared as he takes over program coordination with our partners in Africa.
  • A wonderful weeklong orientation with Dave, Valerie, and Jared. It was a dynamic week of training, workshops, and team building opportunities.
  • Generosity of supporters and donors whose partnership allows Plant With Purpose to impact the lives of many around the world.

We pray for:

  • Safe travel and good health for program team members traveling to Haiti and the Dominican Republic this month.
  • God’s provision as Plant With Purpose seeks out new funding opportunities. Please pray for favor and generous hearts as individuals, foundations, and churches learn about Plant With Purpose’s life-changing program.
  • 2016 to be a year of impacting even more families as lives and land are transformed through Plant With Purpose. We praise God for the opportunity to do His work daily.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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