Pray With Purpose This June

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 2, 2016 in General, Prayer Letter


Proverbs 31: 8-9 says:

Speak up for the people who have no voice,
for the rights of all the down-and-outers.
Speak out for justice!
Stand up for the poor and destitute!

As Plant With Purpose walks alongside the destitute, outlooks turn from down-and-out to possibility. This outpouring of God’s love speaks value and purpose into the lives of rural farming families. Your prayers are petitions for justice.

Join us on the first Friday of the month, as Plant With Purpose’s international family stops to lift up praises and prayers.

*Pictured above is a savings-and-loan group in Fonds-Verrettes, Haiti.



We praise God for:

  • An evaluation of the work done in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) in the Nyakazu watershed. The framework of this partnership was positively reviewed. We received appreciation from the WFP national office.
  • Successfully setting up a bank account in Uvira, DRC. The wire transfer arrived which will allow us to continue program activities.

We pray for:

  • The restoration of peace in Burundi especially in light of talks that took place in Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Our staff retreat. Please pray that this will be a time of spiritual renewal and encouragement for the team and that there would be a renewed enthusiasm for our mission.
  • Jared White, Plant With Purpose’s Africa program officer, to get a visa for Burundi so he can visit our program soon.
  • God to provide us another means of transport as our 4WD Jeep is not the most reliable (it is always at the mechanic). This is especially important as we work in an insecure country.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

We praise God for

  • Peace and security in our region and particularly in the Kakumba watershed.
  • The interest of communities to join Plant With Purpose’s program in the Kakumba watershed.
  • The good health of our staff.
  • Our time together every Tuesday and Friday morning for devotions.
  • The positive impact of the visit of San Diego staff to DRC. Community members testify that this visit brought peace and good understanding in Kakumba watershed.
  • The successful completion of planned activities in the month of May.
  • The dedicated team gathered together to pray for Plant With Purpose. On May 29 the prayer team from DRC gathered to fast and pray for Plant With Purpose’s expansion around the world.

We pray for:

  • The pilot project in the Kakumba watershed and all the planned activities taking place this month.
  • The wedding of Felix Kiruhura, our environment technician.
  • The preparation for our first annual report in regards to the pilot project.
  • Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Dominican Republic

We praise God for:

  • The general elections that were held in a peaceful and orderly manner.
  • The increase in cacao production with a new variety encouraged by Plant With Purpose. This is improving economic conditions for partnering families.
  • The collaboration that took place during a biodiversity survey of the upper Ozama watershed.

We pray for:

  • Churches to continue to be involved in Stewardship of Creation projects.
  • Plant With Purpose’s fellow, Taylor Pizzuto, to fit into his new home of the Dominican Republic. Pray that this year will be one of personal growth.
  • The savings group coordinators as they learn a new software program to manage data more efficiently.



We praise God for:

  • The staff unity that has permitted us to reach program targets with effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Mrs. Paulette, our cook in Fonds-Verrettes, who expected to lose her leg. She traveled to the Dominican Republic and had surgery, which will allow her to keep her leg. Please continue to pray for her recovery.
  • Plant With Purpose Dominican Republic staff, especially Carlos, for assisting Mrs. Paulette as she faced her surgery.
  • The significant rain in Haiti allowing farmers to grow crops and plant more trees. Continue to pray for favorable weather during this time of drought.
  • The healing of Borno Jean Baptiste, a leader in Savanette community group, and Matelus Jean Pierre, a leader in Konstan, who both faced long periods of illness.

We pray for:

  • Fabiola Jean Pierre, our VSLA facilitator in the Acul du Nord region, who has a heart problem due to anemia.
  • The wife of our field director Jean Marie Desilus, who is having surgery next month.
  • The two new communities partnering with Floresta-Ayiti in the Grande Colline region. Please pray that they understand our vision and mission and work with us to bring real change in the community.
  • Grande Ravine community group in Acul du Nord region that has worked very hard to solve management problems. They are now ready to start a VSLA group.



We praise God for:

  • The enthusiastic participation of leaders from Chiapas at the workshop on the Stewardship of Creation last month.
  • The completion of the environmental assessment in the communities of San Jose Del Carmen, Chichihuistan, Chijtal, and Mesbiljá in Chiapas.
  • The exchange of ideas between a group from Chiapas who visited a savings-and-loan group in Oaxaca.
  • Every heart that gives with joy to support the work of Plant With Purpose. May God continue blessing you.

We pray for:

  • Pastor Tomas Santiz and his wife. Please pray for the health and strength of their ministry and for God’s protection as they minister to the people in their church and community.
  • The construction of chicken projects in the communities of Chana, Majosik, and Dos Pozos. Eggs from the projects will contribute to improved family diets.
  • The upcoming elections in Oaxaca on June 5 for the governor, legislators, and mayors. Please pray for peaceful elections.
  • The teacher conflict in the States of Chiapas and Oaxaca in regards to education reform.
  • A good end to the fiscal year and that all of our program goals are reached without complications.
  • More rain for partnering communities as the planting season has begun yet certain regions have not received adequate water for the seeds to take root.
  • Grace and wisdom as we face many social challenges. Please pray for guidance from God and that we will be salt and light during this time of transition and legal reform in Mexico.



We praise God for:

  • His love and care of the Plant With Purpose Tanzania program as well as good cooperation and teamwork among staff.
  • The provision of good health and enthusiasm among staff as we implement various program initiatives.

We pray for:

  • The successful preparation and implementation of monitoring and evaluation exercises for the last quarter of the fiscal year.
  • Good health and increased cooperation among staff so we can achieve this fiscal year’s goals.
  • Safe travel for the Vision Trip group as they travel to visit the Tanzania program.



We praise God for:

  • The rain, as partnering farmers start to prepare the land. Pray for their good health and for better participation in sustainable agricultural techniques taught by Plant With Purpose.

We pray for:

  • The political condition of Thailand.
  • Staff health and safety during travel in the rainy season to remote communities.
  • The survey of the new watershed in Mae NaWang and other areas in northern Thailand.
  • The training for a group of church leaders from Yunnan, Southern China. They will be in Thailand for six weeks learning about community development, sustainable agricultural techniques, creation care, and holistic ministry.
  • The communities in the Mae Kok watershed who might be affected by the establishment of a new national park. Pray for the preparation of local communities for negotiation with the central government.



We praise God for:

  • Our summer interns as they dedicate their time and skills to support the work of Plant With Purpose.
  • The launch of Plant With Purpose’s international fellowship program. Please pray for Taylor Pizzuto’s year in the Dominican Republic and Tyler Overton’s time in Mexico.
  • The recognition of Plant With Purpose as a Classy Award Finalist. Please pray for our time of learning and connecting with other organizations, funders, and those interested in the good work being done by nonprofits around the world while in Boston for the Classy Collaborative and Awards.

We pray for:

  • The Vision Trip to Tanzania. Please pray for a special time together and that partnering families will be encouraged by this visit.
  • Jared White (Africa program officer) and his wife Doreen as they go through the visa process to move from Uganda to San Diego.
  • The opportunity to connect with new supporters at The Justice Conference in Chicago.
  • God’s provision as Plant With Purpose seeks out new funding opportunities. Please pray for favor and generous hearts as individuals, foundations, and churches learn about Plant With Purpose’s life-changing program especially as the fiscal year concludes.
  • Fiscal year 2017 to be a year of impacting even more families as lives and land are transformed through the Plant With Purpose family of organizations. We praise God for the opportunity to daily do His work.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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