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Written by Plant With Purpose on October 6, 2016 in General, Prayer Letter


On October 4, Hurricane Matthew swept across Haiti, leaving destruction and hopelessness in its wake. It is the strongest hurricane to hit the country in 52 years. In this time of tragedy, Plant With Purpose’s partnering families have experienced flooding, heavy rain, crop destruction, and ruin. We know that God is with them, so let us posture our hearts toward His love, mercy, and greater understanding as we pray for these communities.

Lord God, we don’t know how to pray.
This immense disaster feels overwhelming.
We can only imagine how the victims feel,
and we are so many miles away that we feel helpless.
Surround those directly involved with your loving presence.
Comfort the families of the dead and injured,
Sustain those waiting for word of those they love.
Protect, strengthen, and uphold
the rescuers and emergency personnel.
Help all of us to remember that your love
is bigger and stronger than despair and destruction.
Guide and strengthen us to reach out to those affected
in ways that will bring healing.
Give them and us a sense of your peace and hope.
In the name of Jesus, our friend and healer. Amen.

—Mary Lou Redding

Thanks be to God, the author and perfecter of our faith, for continuing to shape our hearts towards compassion for our neighbors around the world.

Please continue to lift up the following praises and prayer requests of our partner around the world.


We praise God for:

  • His protection during many training activities last month.
  • Continual improvement of peace and security in our country.
  • Staff member Eric and his wife’s new baby. The baby arrived early after a high-risk pregnancy.
  • The start of the rain in some parts of the country after a dry season. This rain provides great hope. Our seedlings from the nurseries will be planted in the upcoming months.
  • Protection of all the people who were putting out a bushfire in our tree plantations in the Nyakazu watershed. One person was injured, but he is slowly recovering.

We pray for:

  • The staff as they prepare to collect data for quarterly reports. Pray for security in all of the places they visit.
  • A fruitful and successful upcoming visit from Plant With Purpose staff members John and Jared at the end of October. Please pray that the Lord will protect them during their visit.
  • Protection from bushfires in our tree plantations. We expect the return of rains in all regions of Burundi.
  • Our plan to meet with World Food Programme to renew our partnership. Pray that they would again grant us with Food For Asset (FFA) or Cash For Asset (CFA) to motivate people while planting trees.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

We praise God for

  • The good health of our staff.
  • New VSLA groups who joined the pilot project in the second year.
  • All activities in Kakumba watershed.
  • The successful meeting held in Kakumba watershed for peace and reconciliation with local leaders.
  • The security situation which is improving this week after the troubles in Kinshasa where many people were killed and injured.
  • The churches in Kakumba watershed that are organizing outreach events on peace and reconciliation next month.

We pray for:

  • Continued peace and reconciliation in our country..
  • The next quarterly report submission.
  • The outreach event which is will take place in Kakumba watershed.
  • The Kakumba watershed program and all field visits.

Dominican Republic

We praise God for:

  • Protecting the staff members who travel by motorcycle to partnering communities.

We pray for:

  • Upcoming training on the stewardship of creation taking place in churches in partnering communities.
  • The churches that are involved in the preservation of the environment projects.
  • The upcoming workshops regarding financial education, the Bible, as well as the marketing of agricultural products.


We praise God for:

  • Plant With Purpose staff members Milmer and Kristen had a safe trip to Haiti.
  • An electoral campaign without great hurt and violence.
  • A smooth, painless start to the fiscal year.

We pray for:

  • A peaceful and democratic election on October 9 to elect a president and 16 senators. Pray for the acceptance of the verdict by all political parties. UPDATE: Due to Hurricane Matthew, the election has been postponed to a yet to be determined date.
  • A good and reliable relief program to assist the vulnerable family victimized by Hurricane Matthew.
  • New funds from agencies and supporters to implement a resilient program for food security in line with our areas of intervention.


We praise God for:

  • For the environmental workshops taking place in the communities, and participation by community leaders, which have motivated them toward reforestation.
  • The formation of two new groups: one in the community of Mesbiljá, Oxchuc, and one in the community of Tzaquibiljoc, Tenejapa in Los Altos de Chiapas.
  • The Vision Trip that took place in September. We thank God for the blessing of receiving this group and for God’s protection during this trip.
  • Resumed classes in the schools that experienced strikes.
  • The life God has given us. Praise God for helping and protecting staff in Oaxaca and Los Altos de Chiapas.

We pray for:

  • The churches that we are working with this year. May God bless them in their efforts to promote stewardship of creation.
  • The workers in the communities of La Muralla, Nuxaá, Monte Flor, and San Isidro Trementina, Tamazola. Pray that the families will be blessed and the workshops will bear fruit.
  • The upcoming Vision Trip in October. Pray that God guards this group and that the activities carried out will be a blessing for the communities and all of the participants.
  • Rain for the fields and seasonal crops.
  • The unity of the Plant With Purpose international family. Pray with us as we cry out to the Lord for his people and for those who need to be reached. We are experiencing a global crisis that goes far beyond economic and ecological problems. There is a crisis of values ​​and a society that is ignoring the biblical-Christian principles. May God give us wisdom and discernment of how we can be “salt and light” in these times.


We praise God for:

  • The good health of staff so that we are able to undertake our day-to-day activities and help our communities.
  • The safety that God has provided to all staff members who were travelling across districts to support the implementation of program activities at the beginning of this fiscal year.
  • Successful data collection and monitoring and evaluation in the first quarter of the fiscal year.
  • Wonderful VSLA group members who are enthusiastic to learn and take an active role in implementing program activities.

We pray for:

  • The continued good health of all staff.
  • Our supports, board of directors, and Plant With Purpose Tanzania management. We ask God to protect them and continue to provide for them, so they may continue to support Plant With Purpose Tanzania and the communities that we are working with.
  • Victims of the earthquake that took place in the northern part of Tanzania (Kagera region). We pray for those who were injured and those who lost their loved ones and property. May God be with them in these trying times.
  • A safe pregnancy and delivery for program officer Maria Mathias.
  • God’s guidance as we are preparing for a group competition event to be celebrated early next year.
  • God’s guidance in fundraising as we are planning to solicit funds from other donors.
  • Successful quarterly report preparation and presentations.


We praise God for:

  • A meaningful training for the representatives of seven villages in Mae Fang and Mae Na Wang. People have shown their interest in our work. Pray for upcoming discussions between staff and the leaders of villages, which we expect will start pilot projects in the areas.
  • The successful training of 10 leaders from Myanmar on holistic development and mission. Pray for the implementation of projects that they have planned to start in their churches and communities. Within the group, three leaders also work for their denominations and represent more than 500 churches. Pray for their presentation on holistic development and mission in October when denomination leaders and pastors are gathered for an annual meeting and training.

We pray for:

  • The internal audit to be conducted October 3-7.
  • A youth camp taking place October 12-14. We are expecting 300 youth to attend the camp.
  • Plant With Purpose Thailand partners, UHDP’s 20th Anniversary on October 15.
  • A meeting and training for program staff with Plant With Purpose technical director Bob.
  • A training for community and church leaders from the Philippines between October 28-November 3.


We praise God for:

  • The upcoming addition of a Midwest Regional Representative to our team.

We pray for:

  • God’s guidance for the upcoming board meeting this weekend.
  • The Planting Hope Gala taking place on Saturday, October 8. Pray that this will be a wonderful evening and a chance to thank our supporters, cultivate new donors, and educate attendees.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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