Prayer Cycling in Thailand

Written by Plant With Purpose on November 3, 2015 in News & Events

Biking and praying on the road in Thailand.

Bicycles are an international mode of transportation that open the path before you allowing you to experience getting from one place to another in a very personal manner. Details of your journey come to life. Companionship on the road leads to deeper relationships. Extended rides are an act of discipline, courage, and mental and physical stamina.

Plant With Purpose’s leadership in Thailand is halfway through a seven-day bike ride of the northeast portion of the country, conquering 100 kilometers a day. They ride with the intention of praying for Thailand, focusing on unity, peace, and reconciliation. In a country where 1.2 percent of the population is Christians, praying for God’s presence and love is critical.


Tui, his family, and the chase-vehicle on the day they focused their prayers on Plant With Purpose.

Plant With Purpose’s Country Director Tui shares:

We believe that God is with us and He will be with us and act through us. He will use us to bless and bring people in Thailand to know Him and accept that He is God.

The team of eight includes Tui and his daughter Leklek who will celebrate her thirteenth birthday on this trip. A crew from Freedom Film Production is documenting their ride.


Plant With Purpose USA riding and praying in solidarity with the team in Thailand.

Join us in keeping the group in prayer and coming alongside them as their crew, encouraging and championing their efforts from now through November 7.

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