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Farmers Associations

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 23, 2014 in Phraseology


Six countries. Six contexts. Six sets of unique challenges.

Paramount to the challenges that Burundi faces is the critical issue of access to land. In a country with one of the highest population densities (354 people/square kilometer), Plant With Purpose has presented a solution that is working. The answer has been found in farmer associations, which are opening the door not only to accessible land and food but also the door to reconciliation.

Local governments and generous individuals with larger landholdings have granted Plant With Purpose permission to cultivate what otherwise would have been fallow land. No longer contained to their individual small plots, farming families are working together to plant these fields and are seeing a great return. Disease-resistant seeds and sustainable farming techniques are restoring land and feeding hungry families.

As 20-30 people work together, the collected harvest is evenly shared. One third goes directly to individual members for consumption while seedlings and cuttings are used to plant on their own land. Another third is sold to surrounding communities. The final third is either sold, with the profits reinvested into the association or the crops are used as ‘starters’ for the next season’s harvest.
During planting and harvesting seasons, additional members from the community are hired to join in the labor. Supplementing their payment in crops, laborers are paid fairly in cash allowing them to purchase other necessities.

Farmer associations are not only solving the land crisis in Burundi, they are also restoring relationships. Hutu and Tutsi work side-by-side reconciling previous ills and moving toward healing for the country as a whole.

To help increase the number of farmer associations in Burundi, consider sponsoring a village for just $1 a day.

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