Rosita: Planting for Tomorrow
in Granfon, Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 21, 2015 in General, Plant For Tomorrow


You all! We’re $100,000 away from the goal of $3.5 million for our Plant For Tomorrow campaign. With your help, Plant With Purpose will reach 100,000 new people in 200 new communities while launching programs in Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This campaign will multiply Plant With Purpose’s life-changing work as we seek to restore people’s relationships with the land, one another, and the Lord. Join us in celebrating stories of transformation as we continue to Plant For Tomorrow!


Haiti is one of the world’s most deforested countries. A century ago, nearly two-thirds of the nation was covered in lush Caribbean forests. Within the last decade, however, unsustainable agriculture and increasing charcoal consumption have stripped trees from all but two percent of Haitian land. As the land suffers, the people who depend on it struggle as well.

RositaAimé1This ongoing deforestation placed extreme pressure on Rosita Aimé, her husband Bathony, and her four children. As the rocky, sloped hillsides in Granfon dried out and became increasingly unstable, Rosita and her neighbors felt that their incomes were eroding away with the dying soil.

After attending a training on erosion control offered by Plant With Purpose staff, Rosita planted fortifying trees behind the rock barriers in her garden—which brought forth unexpected benefits. The fruit she harvested from the trees helped supplement her children’s diet, and the extras provided some much-needed financial support. Additional Plant With Purpose programs also helped Rosita learn how to graft citrus trees, a skill that she has since implemented on her farm.

Her friends were also having similar successes. Fruit tree yields improved. Hillsides were more productive. With these victories still fresh on their minds, Granfon residents—Rosita included—came together and established a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) with help from Plant With Purpose.

Rosita thinks the VSLA has been a big help. “I have often made loans for the purchase of seeds and for land improvement,” she says. Her current focus is improving the efficiency and transparency of the Granfon VSLA, so that all members can continue receiving funds as needed while maximizing their total reforestation impact.

When she looks back on her journey thus far and the journey yet to be made, Rosita sees the environment as a linchpin. “For me, protecting the environment is a duty. It gives us all we need to live on earth.” She plans to live out that credo each day, always striving for a better (and greener) future.

Rosita and her neighbors in Granfon are planting today to change futures tomorrow, and with your help, we will extend this impact to hundreds of other communities in need. Join us as we Plant For Tomorrow.

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