Serving for the Summer:
Meet Our Newest Cohort of Interns

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 16, 2015 in General


Meet Plant With Purpose’s newest cohort of interns! While on break from school, they’re not taking a break from impacting the world. We’re beyond honored to have them serve with us this summer. Read on to learn more about these team members.



I’m joining Plant With Purpose this summer as the marketing and outreach intern. I’m a rising junior at Yale University, double majoring in East Asian Studies focused on Chinese Economics, and Political Science. I first heard about Floresta (now Plant With Purpose) when I was still in elementary school but it was a much more recent trip to the rural New Delhi outskirts in India and Beijing, China that reignited my interest in partnering with global communities as they develop a higher, and more sustainable, standard of living. I’m both excited and honored to be joining the team that inspired me nearly ten years ago.

I’m also happy to be returning home for the summer. As a long-time resident of La Jolla, I can’t help but crave a few months in the California sun after a summer at Peking University and the rest of the year on the East Coast and mostly below freezing. When I’m not here at Plant With Purpose, I’m usually out walking or running, reading a good book, possibly watching all the TV episodes I’ve missed during the school year, and planning trips to places I hope to go someday. But until then, I’ll be here, and excited to see what the future holds—both at Plant with Purpose and beyond!



My name is Tian Xie and I am a master’s candidate at UC San Diego focusing on international economics and management. It’s a great pleasure to work as the technical monitoring and evaluation intern for Plant With Purpose this summer.

I learned about Plant With Purpose through the career service team of my graduate school and I was impressed by what Plant With Purpose has achieved in terms of economic empowerment and environmental sustainability. I can’t wait to be part of the team and contribute my professional skills to serve the need of more people.

Growing up in a multicultural community in Wuhan, China, I developed an early interest in international affairs and cultures through interactions with people from different countries, including France, Japan, and the U.S. Due to this, I decided to take a step further to serve as a bridge connecting cultures and people. In 2014, I received a BA of English Literature and Translation from Renmin University of China (RUC). During four years of study, I had the opportunity to gain experience in international development. In 2011, I took part in a cooperative program named China HIV Regulation Review and Impact on Key Affected Populations organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Law School of RUC. Studying the problems of the current AIDS legislation in China and the status quo of AIDS affected population, I realized the need for an effective legal system to safeguard the legitimate rights of HIV carriers and began to think about methods to empower.

Plant With Purpose provided a new insight on this issue. Its primary mission of alleviating poverty through environmental restoration is both exciting and creative. More importantly, its consistent efforts in reaching out to people in need and fighting poverty match my career goals and prior experience in international development perfectly. The internship opportunity with Plant With Purpose also fueled me with passions towards environmental issues and I look forward to exploring more about this in my future education and career.



Hello all. My name is Nicole Callaway and I have just become the newest grant writing intern here at Plant With Purpose!

As a current graduate student focusing on Human Security and Development with the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, Plant With Purpose immediately grabbed my attention. I had been perusing endless lists of San Diego nonprofit organizations, scouring for the perfect summer internship opportunity, when I ultimately landed on Plant With Purpose.

I quickly became enamored with the organization’s three-pronged approach to development that seeks to establish economic, spiritual, and environmental sustainability. What’s more, many of the countries Plant With Purpose works with are ones I have either traveled to or have done extensive research on during my career as a student. It only took a little bit of time before I realized I had already become quite attached to this internship listing.

After being with the organization for a few short weeks, I’m already extremely thankful for this opportunity and am enthusiastically looking forward to learning the ropes of grant writing from the dedicated staff here at Plant With Purpose!

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