This Mother’s Day,
Support a Female Farmer

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 5, 2015 in General, Gifts of Hope

Whether she’s driving us to practice, pushing us to excel in the classroom, providing late-night medical diagnoses, or growing a backyard garden for healthy dinner options, we have been empowered by the superheroes that we call our moms. This Mother’s Day, consider celebrating by empowering another mother in her honor.

Giving the gift of Support a Female Farmer will provide a mother in one of our partnering countries access to the training and resources necessary to care for her family. Empowering female farmers is especially important in a world where women make up an average of 43 percent of the agricultural labor force. Despite this, there is often a wide dissonance between support available to male and female farmers; female farmers frequently lack equal access to resources, land, and credit. This proves a detriment to families worldwide; data collected from the World Bank shows that when the women’s share of household income increases, patterns of spending change in ways that benefit children.

HellenWhile all of our Gifts of Hope service families in meaningful ways, Support a Female Farmer is especially poignant for a holiday that celebrates motherhood. Mothers in developing countries are typically responsible for caring for their families through agricultural activities. By empowering these women to better care for their land, their crops, and their trees, you are simultaneously empowering them to better care for their children. Partnering farmer Hellen Minja, a widowed mother of three living in Tanzania, is a living testament to this. After receiving trainings from Plant With Purpose, Hellen is producing three times the amount of food she used to, and has widely diversified her livestock. Not only can Hellen now provide organic and nutritious meals for her children, but she has also been able to sell surplus fruits, vegetables, and eggs in order to pursue her ultimate goal: sending her children to school.

Any mother would treasure a gift that enables and equips mothers to provide for their children, just as they have provided for their own. As you spend Mother’s Day with loved ones, reflect on just how much your gift is impacting families around the globe. And be sure to give your own mother a hug, for all that we are we owe to our mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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